Tuesday, 11 March 2014

fun trip by tyler wichman

On sunday my brothers my nana and I went to my best place ever called whangamata for a great time at first we went to a surf beach.

when we got there the sun was rising from above my head when we went down to the water we jumped in with a great splash then this guy jumped from the rocks and made a big slash wetting my nana.

after awhile a huge wave came so we went over it with our boards it was amazing fun!!!.

we had some scumshes lunch we had orange juice apple juice and  smoothies also steak lamp prawn salad fancy sandwiches grilled cheese tosties for treats we had mouse chocolate mud cake chocolate roses and last of all we had chocolate ice-cream with cabury flake on it and yummy toppings.

then we watched the sun finally rise above the trees into the high sky with a bright orange background that was great this was one of the best days ever in my whole life!!!!!.

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