Monday, 17 March 2014

Katikati at Saphia springs

In the holidays me and my family except my Dad. We went to Katikati with my cousins and there Mum. We went camping apart from my Grandma and Grandad they stayed in  a unit for the 5 days we went.On day 1 we set up the tent and did all of that. We went on a tire swing that was not across the the river. Then after that we went on the tire swing that was across the river. We let go at the really deep spot, then we all went in the pool.There where 3 different temperatures 1 really warm 2 warm 3 cold. Next we went on the slide and into Daniels ring and landed in the ring. It was so fun. But that was the last day so we packed up every thing and went home.

 By Hayley

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  1. That was a great holiday, I had a fantastic time with you :-)