Thursday, 13 March 2014

in Japan

Playing around with my cousin while the other ones sleeping till 12:00 in japan time.Then i had it I have been waiting all day to play with her.So I run into her room and start screaming and jump up and down until she wakes up.She got mad at me and it was new years eve so it wasn't a good start to the year.

Once every one got changed we all went into a room that was very exspensive.I did not know my Grandma  even had that room but the thing is no one is allowed in it unless its important.We had green tea and chattered.I didn't find the purpose of it but it is a Japanese tradition.

On the night of new years eve my cousins and my mum and I went to temple my brother wasn't feeling well.We got their and rang a huge bell at midnight.

The next day was sadly our last.My brother mum and I went early in the morning we took a three hour train  to the air port.And flew back to Auckland for 13 hours.

by Grace.

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