Monday, 10 March 2014

Quilling By: Charlotte

In room 6 the year 7's have been learning to do Quilling,

 Which some of you may know that Quilling is a type of art were the artist picks a shape, of there choosing and use a Quilling tool to curl a piece of paper, also you then stick it on the piece of paper where ever they wont to, when you feel like you have finished you can show all of your friends and family.

But we got to do the first letter of our name instead and then decorate  it any way we wont to and you have to attest use two differnt colours for your art. also it may take you about tow or four days to finish your art, you may start to think that you will never finish but just have fun you don't have to finish right away.

We are still trying to finish but you can come to the gala and see them for your self and have fun so when ever you can why not try to my make a Quilling art it is lots of fun for every one so look at jorja's way to make Quilling art can't what for min to be done. 

By: Charlotte =) 

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