Monday, 10 March 2014


Lately the year 7 have been doing Quilling. Quilling is a type of art. Now i will explain in 3 stages how to do Quilling.

Firstly, before you even start Quilling you have to come up with a plan.   you can do the first letter of your Name. You can also do a word that means something to you. If your not sure what to do just look on Safari and type in Quilling and it should come up with pitches of Quilling. Then you think of what colours you want.

Secondly, You have to cut  lines of coloured paper or you could by the strips already cut for you.When you cut your coloured paper they have to be not thin but now thick so they have to be just right.
Then you think of what colours  you want were.

Finally , you get your Quilling tool and on one side there is a gap  between to mettle pars. Thats were you put your pice of cut paper in the gap. Next's you twist the Quilling tool and then is show make a circle shape. One you happy with how much you've made you glue it onto you paper and then you DONE!!!!!

I hope i have explained  to you how to do Quilling and Good Luck!

By: Jorja.

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