Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sea World

During the day when I went to sea world in Australia it was really hot.So when we arrived there we had to put a lot of sunblock on.When my Mum my Dad and Harry were all ready we headed off for our fun day in sea world.The first thing we did of course was pay for the time we were going to spend there, then we headed off into sea world.

When we had gotten into sea world the first place we went was dinosaur island.When we were on dinosaur island we new it was going to be cool because of the giant (fake) t-rex we saw.As we were walking through we saw heaps of different (yet fake) dinosaurs.There were triceratops's,brontosauruses,velicoraptors and heaps more.My favourite was the spinosaurus.

Once we had made it out of dinosaur island amazed we headed of to look at all the animals.The first ones we saw were the penguins which I thought were quiet cute.Next we saw the polar bear which I thought was scratching its back.Then we went underground to see all the fish and sharks,they were so cool.It was like swimming with them except you weren't getting wet.Finally we went to see the stingrays.Although they were small they were cool.I even got to touch some.The ones I touched were all slimy.

After all that me,my Mum,my Dad and Harry all had time to go on a ride or Two.I went on one when you had to pull on a rope to make your seats go up and then you had to let go when you wanted to go down.Also My Dad came with me onto that ride and my brother (Harry) went on a ride When you went round and round while sitting in a fake rocket.After having a walk around we went back to our car with some great memories.So then we drove back to where we were staying for all the time we were in Australia and went for a swim.

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