Tuesday, 20 May 2014

unexpected car crash !!!!!

On Saturday the 18th of May at around 12 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the morning .While it was still dark ,there was a sound of tyres coming to an immediate stop and then a large crash . My mother woke up and peered out of the window and saw three men and two cars. One of the drivers had crashed into the other car and climbed out to see what happened. The car that was crashed was a black Toyota. It was moved from  one drive way to the other drive way . The car that crashed the black Toyota was a dark blue car and we think the driver was asleep driving more than 60kph . The police found the driver who had crashed the car and he was taken to court .Back at Wattle Downs in Turn-berry Drive the road was covered in bits from the two cars . The person that owned the black Toyota had just gone on holiday on a boat cruse , just the day before, and 3:30 in the morning was when the car crashed . The owner had not had a very nice ending. Luckily Sophia's neighbour's that he lived with are trying swap the company car that he owned .  

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