Sunday, 8 June 2014

A letter to Mrs Harland for 'Why we should have a swimming pool.'

Milo Golledge
Room Six

Dear Mrs Harland!

Since I have been at Reremoana, I have thought seriously about what I think our school should have to make it the best school in New Zealand.

A swimming pool! Yes, the first reason why I think our school should have a swimming pool is because year sixes don't have to take the bus to the swimming centre and and that is pretty far away.
The second reason why is because whenever we are bored we can go into the swimming pool and play around and do lot's of swimming.
And the last reason is because we would be very hot when the sun is up, so we would jump in the swimming pool without dying of over heating.

Anyway I would like our school to have a pool because people could have fun in it.

Your Sincerely

Milo Jacob Golledge!

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