Thursday, 12 June 2014

All about Strawgerly


My aliens name is Strawgerly.
Strawgerly has her own pet he is so cute and his name is Squilt.

Strawgerly has red, blue, green and black frizzy hair.
She has a candy and fruit top with three buttons in the middle.

She has three parts on her ears so she is a great listener and they are very fluffy like candyfloss.

She has a blue, purple and red tutu that is so frilly.
she is made entirely out of snow.

She is 50 metres tall and 2 metres wide.

She carrys Squilt around on a leash that is purple with yellow stars.

Her feet are made out of carrots and she weighs over 10 tons.

Squilt however weighs 3 kilos and he eats over 1,000 things a day.

Strawgerlys hobbies are chasing dogs and hugging them to death which is kinda committing murder..She also likes going to her home planet Frozno.

Her favourite food is snow cones with strawberry syrup, she also likes coca-cola, fanta and L&P.

She does not like anything hot otherwise she will melt to death.

On the other hand Squilt loves hot things like hot chocolate and chips he can't stop thinking about how much he just loves the beach.

Squilt does not like anything cold because he'll not be able to be revived.

they both smell like delicious caramel syrup it's the only thing they can agree on.

By Brooke    =)  !!!!!!


  1. What an imagination you have! That's a whole lot of colour too. You made me laugh with the "kinda committing murder" part. :)

  2. I love your alien can't wait to me her, by the way this is Charlotte.Also it is my first day of school here and if you would like to chat with me here is my mum's hotmail : can't wait to hear from you guys so bye also I miss you all so much.