Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Since returning to school after some well deserved holidays , the whole school has been discussing the ABC’s . These are the focus areas for each student to work on. Weeks 1 and 2 were about ACTING SAFELY.
Below are the ideas that Room 6 gathered through discussions. 
ABC Safety
In  the classroom.
  • ·      Always walk when in the classroom.
  • ·      Make sure that your chairs are pushed in when not using them.
  • ·      Collect your tote trays as soon as you enter the classroom.
  • ·      Make sure that you keep the classroom free of rubbish
  • ·      Remember not to throw anything in the room.
  • ·      Be sure to care about each other and respect each others belongings.
  • ·      When it is wet follow the class rules

In the hall
  • ·      Remember to remove your shoes before you enter the hall.
  • ·      Always walk unless you are participating in a physical activity.
  • ·      Be aware of other people around you

In the Playground.
  • ·      Remember to be in the right area at the right time.
  • ·      Respect others rights to be in the playground
  • ·      Always play sensibly with any sporting equipment.
  • ·      When it is wet , make sure that  you stay on the paths.
  • ·      Remember that the playground is for everyone and that we all have to have access to the areas and equipment.
  • ·      Always act in a mature way around the toilet areas.

the library
  • ·      Remember to use inside voices
  • ·      Try to keep the library in a tidy state when you are leaving .
  • ·      Always walk sensibly in the library
  • ·      Be considerate of others when using the library.
  • ·      Ensure that the shelves are always in order

ICT Safety
  • ·      Always keep all passwords and user words to your self
  • ·      If you accidently open a site that is inappropriate, remember to inform your teacher immediately.
  • ·      Only ever use sites that you have permission to use.always ask for permission before going on to any web sites or accessing any programmes.
  • ·      Remember to hand in to the teacher or the office staff any cell phones or other electronic devices unless you have permission tfor these items to be used in the classroom.
  • ·      Ensure that all passwords are kept safe from other students.

Safety outside the school
  • ·      Always follow the road rules
  • ·      Respect others property
  • ·      Make sure that you are a good represensitive of our school at all tmes
  • ·      Always respect the instructions of teachers and parents
  • ·      Ensure that you follow the school rules even when you are away from the school
  • ·      Wear your school uniform with pride.

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