Thursday, 11 September 2014


The crowd were off their feet cheering loudly as Owen did the perfect lay up and got it in. The scores were now even. Suddenly the Saints got the ball, and then scored a long distance shot. The scores are now 22 -24, and then out of nowhere Owen did  an outstanding pass that went all the way across the court right into Keegan's hands, and he scored a 2 pointer for the team. 
Once again the scores were tied. Then Owen and Keegan were subbed off, and that's exactly what the Saints needed, to get a big lead. 
5 minutes has passed and the scores are now 42-26 and with only 10 minutes left until full time. Finally Keegan and Owen are subbed on. Goal after Goal after goal, Owen is on fire. He just got 6 points for the team and the scores are now 42-32. The saints go for a pass but then Keegan just intercepted and did a quick shot and again got it in. 5 minutes left scores are now 42-34 and the Saints are about to get a goal but Keegan blocked it then got the ball and passed to Owen then he sprinted down the court and no one could catch up to him. Another lay up by Owen and another goal. 3 minutes left now and it is so close, the crowd are cheering so loud and again Owen with another shot and he scored the scores are 42-38. Keegan just got another 2 pointer scores are now 40-42. 20 seconds left Owen has the ball but he cant get a goal because there is to many people defending. He then sees Keegan behind the 3 pointer line he passes it to Keegan and Keegan takes a 3 pointer shot, the crowd were hoping it would go in. Then it did and the whistle went it was over the Rovers beat the Saints 43-42.

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