Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cross country!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year 4, 5, and 6 cross country this year was held in mount ford park. When us year 4 5s and sixes first got there only Clayton park school were sitting in the grand stand. In other words, our school was the second school there.As we sat in the grand stand other schools arrived. There was The Gardens and Hill park and a whole lot of schools but those were the only schools I recognised. Anyway the year 4 races were at about 11:20 which we came second and third in for the boys but no places for the girls. Then there was the year 5 races which we came first and second for the boys and for the year 5 girls we came third. Finally it was our turn, the year 6 girls ran and we came first and second for that. Then, the final race,was about to start. The year 6 boys lined up, then the starter, well started the race. With a loud BANG!!!!!! the race was on. We ran around one big field, then around another and then we ran our finishing lap. The best place in our year was Andre who came third out of everyone. In the end I came 22nd(in the first 30) out of all the competitors. All I can say now is that it was a pretty fantastic cross country for Reremoana school! YAY!!!!!!!!!me

By Flynn Cooper :)

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