Sunday, 14 September 2014

Flaffomani World (2)

                    Flaffomani World (2)

I get slammed to the ground with the K.O blow. The creature closes in on me, I commando crawl towards a deep hole that is filled with goop. I crawl in as the creature throws the hammer down leaving my shoes with a bit of dust. Crawling away in relief until I hear a big crumble behind me ( crumble crumble )… ( supposed to be sound affects )
A centipede like glop ball scuttles towards me, excitedly waiting to have lunch! So I scuttle like the centipede and we both have the same scuttling technique. There are two pathways ahead of me…Left or Right? The centipede is slowly moving to the right… " Left it is then!"
I turn left speedily, as the giant blob goes crashing into the right tunnel leaving a massive skid mark behind it. Hope I survive this game, (for once) I scuttle away into a big clearing with massive monuments with torches reaching for the sky. I stare in amazement at the creation that 'someone' had made… 
A monument falls down just nipping me by my shoe, what was that?

To Be Continued…

Joshua Knight

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