Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flaffomani world

                                  Flaffomani world

 In the world of Gronom, a creature named Saniom was walking in the Forest of Gum until 
Saniom fell into a hole....
When he reached the end of the million year ride,he hopped out feeling weird... He was all flat and 2D!Like he was in a game!....
Wait a minute...He was in a game!

Game-World? I don't like the sound of that!
AAAAH!A zombie has attacked me and I'm dead!
Wait, 4 more lives!O.K I've got it, I fight back with my sword and cut the zombies head off with confidence. I'm happy now. I run off waiting for more zombies to cut, I hear a stick snap behind me, I draw my sword but I turn around tripping up giving the monster an advantage for attack.The zombie with a head shaped as a hammer and the face is a sledge hammer. I get thumped! 

To Be Continued...

By Joshua Knight

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