Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Harmony Festival Choir

                       Harmony Festival Choir

On Tuesday 20th of August students from our school went to a harmony festival. It started at 7:30 but we had to be there by 7:00.
When we first entered it was so cool with all the flashing lights and the cold air to make the lights look more effective. When we got in we sat right in the middle in the front, where everyone could see us. The first thing that happened was they introduced the conductors Mrs Ova'a and Mr Devero. The first song we sang was the national anthem and then we sang a really cool song you make me feel so good, then we sung another this one was from the movie Mary Poppins, Chim Chiminey with a solo from our very own Milo he was so the other soloist didn't even match. After a couple more songs the other conductor came to sing a really cool song E Papa it is a Maori song that everyone in the choir loved [ I think]. A little while longer we ended up singing my favourite two song holding out for a hero and let the music play in the end we had a great thank you to the choir instructors, parents for bringing students to choir and the three most important people the two conductors and the person who put this on Mrs Chalmers from GreenMeadows intermediate. It finally ended at 9:50 my mum was so proud of me[Brody] and I was proud of myself.

Schools:GreenMeadows, Reremoana, Hill Park,St Annes, Manurewa Intermediate,Manurewa South and East and many mores schools whos names i do not know names I do not know.  



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