Thursday, 11 September 2014

In the morning when i woke up i saw my self sleeping on a prickly rock.
I stood up from the prickly rock which i was sleeping on when i stood up i saw  the earth in front of me.
So they i thought to my self'' wait a second'' i said to my self. ''the earth is there but were am i''.I was scared and at the same time shock,so then i went off to find somebody to help me, but no one is here in this place.Then i walk another mile then i saw a big crater it was. A big crater like the size of Auckland city. Then suddenly thunder started and lighting  started to strike.On the crater then i saw something up in the sky like something like a ufo but it was not a ufo it was a flying motorbike and landed two meters away from me.I was scared i really wanted to scream but i was to scared nothing came out of my mouth. Somebody was wearing a hoodie   i couldn't see it's face but he got off the motorbike and said these weird words and signs  like gobilapelingsaja!!!. It said it a few times but it stop and stood.I stood there staring at each other in shock.So then l fainted in front of him.Then i woke up on my cozy bed i thought that it was a dream, when i went downstairs to eat my breakfast  bacon and egg as usual.I call out my mum to make me some bacon and eggs i went to the living room and saw the t.v was on and also all the clocks were frozen at 12:03,it was weird because it never happen before like this ever,i went outside to check dad but he wasn't there everything that was live.They were all frozen even the birds which was flying they were all frozen except me.    
by faronce and mazhar.

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