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Joshua's art at Strathallan

I'm moving school to Strathallan next year… So my mum and dad got me into a art workshop for newcomers. We drove all the way to the school, so far away, when we got there we found our way to the students reception. The art teacher came and she introduced her self to us, even though I forgot her name whatever it was… : /  My mum and dad left me and the other girl to learn ART! Woohoo!

_________________________________DAY 1___________________________________


The teacher ( I think her name started with a C though ) showed us all the artwork in one of the big art rooms. We got our pencil cases out, got our seats and waited for instructions by Mrs C something.
First she showed us what we are trying to do, we are sketching ice-creams, ice-creams on a rack.We started the art by choosing four ice-creams as a base out of the pile. After we chose them and looked at the chosen pictures, we chose which two to sketch and which two to soft pastel and colour. The rack was kinda easy because you just have to draw a long in-the-middle area line for the main rack bit. Then we drew the same thing but around a 1cm below to make it 3D that's the rack done! ( for now ).With our pencils we drew where the hole is for the ice-creams to go in on the rack.
Then we sketched the basic shape of the four ice-creams onto the piece of white paper.
After that we cut out cones to the shape of where the cone is, so it looks like the cone goes through the   rack. To make it look better, we continued the cone under the rack by drawing a triangular shape underneath. We added a cone pattern to it is well :) Now to add the detail on the ice-cream, we looked closely at the picture and added the shade to where it overlapped other bits, by using charcoal.
That is the first cone done. We repeated those steps for the second sketch cone is well.

Now for the third cone. Everything is the same except for the pencil. For these two cones we didn't use pencils ( NOT including the outline ) we used soft pastels instead. We got the colours sorted like this---

and so on…
I used the BLUE group and the GREEN group for my art.
The soft pastels feel like scraping your nails on metal, it feels weird… :)
After that was done we got a coloured version of the cone and did the same as the first cone! cut it out draw the rest! We repeated the steps for the last one but instead we used coloured pencil.
Then we painted the rack a yellow-y colour and painted the background a contrasting colour, which Mrs C something said would be the colour on other side of the colour wheel. ( I think I have thought up a few names for the teacher though… It is close though… I think…) After that..
                                                                KABLAM!  Completed task No.1

           Morning Tea break…


First I got a piece of white paper and put it over a picture of a daisy and stuck it on. I had to trace the daisy over a light box. A light box is a box that has light in it, so when you turn it on, it's easy for you to trace… When I tried, it was so annoying because it was hard to see the image, but after that I got to look at the image and I added in the detail. The shadow was just solid black so the rest can stand out, we also used charcoal to make the shadow in the flower. With the orange soft pastel we added where the pollen is to show the word 'FLOWER' in it. Mrs Cranberry said that we are doing really good, so I'm happy. ( That's what I called her in my brain for a while…) Then we added yellow soft pastel to make the daisy look like the colour is actually in the flower. So that was art No.2 done with
Mrs Cranberry. Woohoo!

Lunch break…

Preparation for HUMMINGBIRD ART  Art No.3

We got a piece of card and we painted it any colour we wanted it. I chose orange/red.
After we painted them we gave it a quick dry with a hair dryer. We then grabbed some dye powder and chose our colours, after wetting the background. We threw the powder onto the wet background so that the powder would turn into dye and it will run along the background. That is preparation stage for the HUMMING BIRD ART.

One thing… Day One has finished...

________________________________DAY 2_________________________________


Firstly we chose our fruit bowls out of a pile of photos. I chose green apples in a white bowl because I
liked the contrast of the two colours mixing. When we chose our photos we glued them on to a piece of card so it is easy to trace around. Then we cut around the fruit bowl so you can't see the background.
We painted the piece of white card to contrast the bowl, so I chose orange. With that we blu-tacked the picture onto the orange background so it's secure. We then traced around the outline of the fruit bowl.
After that we took away the picture and added where the apples were and made a bended line for where the bowl is. Then we seriously added detail by adding stems, shadows and breaks( Cuts the bit between apples )

Morning Tea break…

Then we got the paint out and started painting the main colour of the apples which is just normal green. Then we made different shades of green for the lighter and darker areas of the apple before painting those areas. After that we painted the bowl white, we added shadow to the bowl and then we have finished the fruit bowl. Next we added the patterns for the background, after that we also added white gel paste on a patterned ruler to add a gel pattern which turns hard later on, we put some on our fingers and spread it along the patterned ruler so the gel goes through the ruler. So when you lift the ruler the gel paste stays and the pattern is made. That is the end of art No.3 with Mrs Cowbelly.
(Another name that I came up with… Is it good?)

Lunch Break...

HUMMING BIRD ART  Art No.4 ( Final )

This is the final piece of art that I did with Mrs Cowbelly, 'THE HUMMING BIRD ART'.
First we got our HUMMING BIRD ART background that we got ready in day 1 and placed it on our table. We then chose a picture of a bird out of a pile to use in this art. After we chose them, we traced around the picture that we cut out, in pencil. Then we took away the picture, and filled in the area with ink with a paintbrush. We only had a little bit of ink because the ink bottle tipped over, and it went all over the sink. This morning most of it hardened up and its like hard goo! Well that's it for this art session with Mrs Cowbelly.
Thanks Strathallan!

By Joshua.K

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