Monday, 27 October 2014

Year 7 & 8 camp

                                   Year 7 & 8 Camp

On Tuesday 21st of October  the year 7 and 8's went to a camp called lake wood lodge the there where 6 teams called the royals,Swagger muffins,survivors,Xp dynamite,untouchables and extreme team.Also there was lots of activity's like climbing wall,archery,horse games,kayaking,survival camp which the swagger muffins won there was also lake swim, water slide,flying fox,low ropes,burma trail and spotlight.Also there was a lot of challenges like make a fire challenge, chin up challenge,compass challenge and other.

  Also on the last day we had to do a top class challenge and the iron man challenge

So for the top class challenge there was room 6 & 7 as one class and room 8 so there was 2 boys and girls from each class to do the morning run.And everyone else doing all the activity's but before anyone did anything Mr Fourie had to say go for the runners to go then once all the runners were done then the rock climbing people would, then archery, after that the lake swimmers and so on and.After everyone had finished the two classes had to get in the number of their class like room 6 & 7 had to get into a 7 and room 8 had to get into a 8. Also room 8 won then everyone went on the water slide and went and had a shower.

For the iron man challenge it was swimming in the kayaking lake and there was  competitive and  non competitive  was 5 people going at once 

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