Thursday, 4 December 2014

Auckland Champs Athletics

                                              Auckland Champs Athletics

On Thursday forth of December year 7 and 8's who made it into Auckland Champs went to Mt Smart Stadium for the biggest athletics event of all {for them} when we got there we found our seats and the kids who were in the 1500 meters. In the first event we had Theane and Hannah running, Theane came first in the 1500 and Hannah came 16th the next event was 200 meter heats we had Jorien and Chloe racing. Jorien came forth and Chloe came second. After the 200 meters we had 400 meters and Long Jump we had Zion doing long jump he jumped 4.55 meters and Brooke and Eden both came forth in 400 meters. 

Next we had 100 meter and we had Chloe running and she came forth.

After that we had the Relays in the year 7 girls we had Eden, Chloe, Katie and Jorien in the year 7 boys we has Me [Brody}Bj
Luke and Zion. We came last Sadly and the year 7 girls got third.

After a couple of hours we had more events and more people racing and overall it was a complete success. Thanks Mr Fourie for a great day  

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