Thursday, 4 December 2014


On one summer day it was the start to a new year,month,week,day and life, not that I celebrate it or anything but it was my birth week I upgraded to a new level 6 years of a hard,tiring life well not that hard I was was just over excited that I upgraded.IT was my birth week I just felt happy and special like any other kid in the world but except with all the gifts but that didn't bother me.So I got up had a shower,got dressed,brushed my teeth and so and so on until...I walked into my lounge and saw with horror my own family sitting down not caring at all that it was my birth week.I said with nerves and anger "HELLO it my birth week!".My parents did nothing but said "cool have fun" I was like have fun where in my mind so I walked up to my aunties house with my sister and mum and guess what? THEY WERE NOT HOME! so we walked back I got a glass cup and smashed it on my dads head.I got a massive growling and in the end I shouldn't have done that.


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