Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pots and pans

One sunny and warm day, a little boy named Dave was getting out of his cot. He could'nt wait for the day to commence, or in other words, he could'nt wait to harass his parents, Stella and Alex. So anyway, when everyone was wide awake and having breakfast, including his older brother Steve, Dave began his mayhem.

First he started to pull all of the cutlary out of all the cuboards. What a racket! Clang! Bang! Ting! Then he began to call Steve names and finally he began throwing toast at Alex. You can probably tell what happend next. Yes dear reader, he got sent straight into his room. Dave was about 3 1\5 so he got a bit annoyed when Stella locked him in his room.

In fact he was so annoyed that he started banging on his bedrooms door. When he knew it was pointless he sat down and played with his toys. After about half an hour Stella let Dave out of his room. When everyone was upstairs he went downstairs to the kitchen to see what he could do. He immediatly caught a glimpse of metal out of the corner of his eye. He turned around to see an open draw full of pots and pans.

Dave knew he'd get in trouble if he even touched them but he just loved pots and pans. The 3 1\5 year old just could'nt resist it and started playing with the pots and pans. Bang! Bang! Went the pots. Wam! Wam! Went the pans. The house was full of noise. Alex and Stella ran down the stairs and found Dave. They immediatly gave him a smack and locked him in his room again. "Oh well" Dave thought "it was bound to happen".       

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