Thursday, 4 December 2014

When i got in trouble

One day this little boy I know was watching his favourite show on T.V. This boy loved the show he was watching but his Dad wanted to watch his show. His Dad changed the channel and this little boy got furious with him. He stomped his feet, punched the walls and did all sorts of naughty things. This little boys Dad told him off for being naughty, but the little boy wouldnt listen to his Dad. He kept on doing naughty things and his Dad told him off once more. The little boy ran outside crying. He ran all the way down the street. This boy was going to run away but there were prickles all over the grass so he went him and got shoes. I also got two dollars and went down to the bakery and got myself a little something from there which put me in a good mood. He then went home and apologised to his Dad.

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