Thursday, 4 December 2014

When I was five years old.

When i was five my brother and I where playing outside.
We came inside and we started to tickle each other.
I made my brother pee his  pants.
On the floor  there was a big wet patch so he had to get changed but first he had a shower.
He got changed into his clothes and we watched tv, and then we went to bed.
In the morning he told me to wake up and have some breakfast so we could play later on my parents woke up and we made breakfast for them.
Then later on we went out to go to the movies we saw fast and farious.
 when it finished my brother and I had a race to the car he bet me.
When we got home my brother started to be mean so I got into a fight with my brother.
My parents got angry so they told us of in really angry way.

By christian mcneil 

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