Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ANZAC Day Ceremony Report!
ANZAC:  Australia New Zealand Army Corps
ANZAC day is about commemorating and remembering the large group of men and woman that proudly served our country in World War1 and 2 as well as any other wars New Zealand was involved in.

On Friday the 25th April seven students (Jorien, Theane, Katie, Brooke, Gabriel, Ben, Jaylen) and two teachers (Mrs Bailey and Miss Fothergill) went to experience this for our selfs. As the time neared 10:00 we started to gather outside The RSA building (Returned Services Association). More varieties of people, as well as schools and clubs started crowding under the shelter, getting ready for the parade to start.

At 10:15 we lined up for the march. We marched from the RSA building on the main route onto Great South Road stopping in front of the Cenotaph just outside Manurewa Central School.

The ceremony was kicked of by Reverend Ross Brown who started by saying a prayer, and then inviting us to sing God save the Queen.

Shortly after that Reverend Ross introduced two students from Manurewa High school who would be reading a verse out of the bible, following after that two more students but from James Cook High School would be reading a speech that they wrote.

After that Reverends Ross talked about as well as showed us one of the men that served in World War two, who is now 99 years,12 months and 28 days old turning one hundred the following day.(He is one of the longest living Manurewa RSA members).

Next was another song followed by a couple of speeches Gabriel and Jorien were excitedly waiting to lay down Reremoana School’s wreath After all the wreaths had been laid down, their were two more speeches followed by lots of camera flashes and some tears from the elderlies. Then it was time to go we marched back the way we came found our parents and left.

Speaking for everyone who experienced the day, we know that ANZAC day is special to everyone in one way or another. We hope that if you go you will also have a great and memorable day like we did.

By Jorien & Theane’. Room 6