Thursday, 4 December 2014

The day I ran of

                                                                                                                                                       the day I ran off ...                    '' This is so boring'' I shout at my parents in anger '' shut your mouth nick don't use languge like that your little brothers listing '' ''sorry Mum''I was so angry I could't think about  anything but being angry we kept walking when suddenly we came across a two way path . Suddenly my Dad let go of my bothers pram and it went rolling down the wrong  path . I tripped over a root and I went tumbling down the other path I get up brush myself of and walk down the path . I had walked a when I realised I had taken the wrong path know I was really scared now . I kept causing myself about it .I knew were I was because we had walked it before but now I was walking alone .I was walking for what seemed like hours .I came to an intersection and I found my dad an dog ready to take my home . I will never forget the look on this face . we walked home and I was banned from electronics  my trust was lost and I went to bed with a hungry tummy.


On one summer day it was the start to a new year,month,week,day and life, not that I celebrate it or anything but it was my birth week I upgraded to a new level 6 years of a hard,tiring life well not that hard I was was just over excited that I upgraded.IT was my birth week I just felt happy and special like any other kid in the world but except with all the gifts but that didn't bother me.So I got up had a shower,got dressed,brushed my teeth and so and so on until...I walked into my lounge and saw with horror my own family sitting down not caring at all that it was my birth week.I said with nerves and anger "HELLO it my birth week!".My parents did nothing but said "cool have fun" I was like have fun where in my mind so I walked up to my aunties house with my sister and mum and guess what? THEY WERE NOT HOME! so we walked back I got a glass cup and smashed it on my dads head.I got a massive growling and in the end I shouldn't have done that.


When I was five years old.

When i was five my brother and I where playing outside.
We came inside and we started to tickle each other.
I made my brother pee his  pants.
On the floor  there was a big wet patch so he had to get changed but first he had a shower.
He got changed into his clothes and we watched tv, and then we went to bed.
In the morning he told me to wake up and have some breakfast so we could play later on my parents woke up and we made breakfast for them.
Then later on we went out to go to the movies we saw fast and farious.
 when it finished my brother and I had a race to the car he bet me.
When we got home my brother started to be mean so I got into a fight with my brother.
My parents got angry so they told us of in really angry way.

By christian mcneil 

Auckland athletics

On Thursday the 4th December we had the Auckland athletics at Mount Smart stadium. The first event of the day was the 1500m, The students that participated in this event were Hannah and I (Theane) I came first in my race, and Hannah came 16th. After the 1500 was the 200m heats, the students that participated in this event were Jorien and Chloe. Jorien came 4th in her heat and chloe came 2nd in her heat. Chloe was also in the 100m heats she came 4th. The 400m was next, the students that participated in this event were Brooke and Eden, Brooke came 4th and Eden 4th as well. Our year 7 girls and boys realy teams were next the boys team came last and our girls team came 4th. the 200m finals were next Chloe came 7th. After the 200m finals was the 800m staight final the students that participated in this event were Hannah Eden and I (Theane) I came 5th Hannah came 18th and Eden came 17th. Jorien and Zion did the long jump, Zion came 4th and Jorien came 5th. All together our school did really well. when the day had finnished we all went to McDonalds.

Auckland Champs Athletics

                                              Auckland Champs Athletics

On Thursday forth of December year 7 and 8's who made it into Auckland Champs went to Mt Smart Stadium for the biggest athletics event of all {for them} when we got there we found our seats and the kids who were in the 1500 meters. In the first event we had Theane and Hannah running, Theane came first in the 1500 and Hannah came 16th the next event was 200 meter heats we had Jorien and Chloe racing. Jorien came forth and Chloe came second. After the 200 meters we had 400 meters and Long Jump we had Zion doing long jump he jumped 4.55 meters and Brooke and Eden both came forth in 400 meters. 

Next we had 100 meter and we had Chloe running and she came forth.

After that we had the Relays in the year 7 girls we had Eden, Chloe, Katie and Jorien in the year 7 boys we has Me [Brody}Bj
Luke and Zion. We came last Sadly and the year 7 girls got third.

After a couple of hours we had more events and more people racing and overall it was a complete success. Thanks Mr Fourie for a great day  

When my brother was little, he wanted to help my Mum and Dad clean. My Mum and Dad were cleaning inside the house and Liam wanted to clean the garage. Liam got the hose and wet the inside and the outside of the garage. There were alot of good things in there like tools,some old useful thing, artwork and most of all our computer. My Dad was really mad but he seemed very nice and happy around  liam. our garage was so wet. i forgot how we dryed it out.i wonder if i had wet the garage what Dads reaction would have been like.

by Grace
When i got in trouble

One day this little boy I know was watching his favourite show on T.V. This boy loved the show he was watching but his Dad wanted to watch his show. His Dad changed the channel and this little boy got furious with him. He stomped his feet, punched the walls and did all sorts of naughty things. This little boys Dad told him off for being naughty, but the little boy wouldnt listen to his Dad. He kept on doing naughty things and his Dad told him off once more. The little boy ran outside crying. He ran all the way down the street. This boy was going to run away but there were prickles all over the grass so he went him and got shoes. I also got two dollars and went down to the bakery and got myself a little something from there which put me in a good mood. He then went home and apologised to his Dad.

The day I stole a lunch order

When I was about seven years old,I stole a lunch order from someone in my class this happened when I was at Hill Park.But we could only order mini pies and sausage rolls.So I got the lunch order that wasn't mine and then I went back to my table and started eating.Once I finished my teacher asked who didn't order today and I left my hand down then she said who did order today and I put my hand up then she came around and told us someone had stolen a lunch a, lunch order then no one confessed so our teacher forgot about it but she did buy the order for the child that didn't get his order so I didn't get in trouble.

Pots and pans

One sunny and warm day, a little boy named Dave was getting out of his cot. He could'nt wait for the day to commence, or in other words, he could'nt wait to harass his parents, Stella and Alex. So anyway, when everyone was wide awake and having breakfast, including his older brother Steve, Dave began his mayhem.

First he started to pull all of the cutlary out of all the cuboards. What a racket! Clang! Bang! Ting! Then he began to call Steve names and finally he began throwing toast at Alex. You can probably tell what happend next. Yes dear reader, he got sent straight into his room. Dave was about 3 1\5 so he got a bit annoyed when Stella locked him in his room.

In fact he was so annoyed that he started banging on his bedrooms door. When he knew it was pointless he sat down and played with his toys. After about half an hour Stella let Dave out of his room. When everyone was upstairs he went downstairs to the kitchen to see what he could do. He immediatly caught a glimpse of metal out of the corner of his eye. He turned around to see an open draw full of pots and pans.

Dave knew he'd get in trouble if he even touched them but he just loved pots and pans. The 3 1\5 year old just could'nt resist it and started playing with the pots and pans. Bang! Bang! Went the pots. Wam! Wam! Went the pans. The house was full of noise. Alex and Stella ran down the stairs and found Dave. They immediatly gave him a smack and locked him in his room again. "Oh well" Dave thought "it was bound to happen".       

Orua Bay


One beautiful summer morning at Orua Bay, my family and I went for a walk along the beach.I ran of down the beach front to the creek. By now I was running up the beach. Then I jumped into the freezing cold creek, and cut my toe on a shell that was hidden underneath the sand. suddenly I hopped out as quick as I could and saw red blood oozing out of my toe.

We ran back to our tent (well I hopped) and Mum cleaned the sand out of the cut, (Mum used to be a medic) and put a plaster on it, it was orange!! YUK!!! Not the plaster the stuff Mum cleaned my toe with. It stung really bad.

After, we went to the dairy to get some lollies, I got a selection of sweet and sour ones. My favourite was the sour coke bottles. We had to clean my cut every day for 1-2 weeks. 

Saw memories By Joshua

When I was still quite small, I was ready to go out with my family in the car. I open the door, then let go to grab my bag. As I look up, SLAM! The door closes, there is an awkward silence...
I burst into tears (of pain) looking at the water-blurred image of my finger, stuck between the door and the metal. My dad sprints towards me as my mum quickly opens the door, my finger like a pancake.
Staring at my 'dead' index finger, still in tears, my dad tries to calm me down. My crying slowly dies down, but my mum has had enough. She shoved me in a different room and slammed the door. Unfortunately, the door pinned my pinky.

I burst into tears (of more pain) looking at the water-blurred image of my finger,this time, stuck between the door and the wall. my mum comes back in and calms me down. When my crying stops, my mum apologises and we hug. (still in pain though...lots of pain...)


One sunny day around 2 pm my sister and I decided to do something stupid. When I mean stupid I mean stupid!So I went up to my sister and said to her 'go up to Mum and try to make a argument with her then try to cut yourself. So my sister went to my Mum and tried to get into a fight but after 15 minutes I got up on the window sill and she was just talking. So after that I walked in and tried to make a argument but for some reason Mum was just happy but I said to Katie to make a argument. So I went up to Mum and said you suck!! My Mum said go to your room. I went up to my room for 30 minutes then I came down then I got a piece of glass and tried to cut my finger. Then it did a clean cut on my finger. I went to my Dad and said 'I cut myself'. But he said 'why is it such a clean cut' and I said 'I dont know'. Then after that I ate a chocolate then went to bed.

Monday, 24 November 2014

 Year 7 and 8 athletics day

On the 21st of november the year seven and eights went to a athletics day in beach-lens with Mr Fourie Mr Munro and Mrs Bailey. The first event was 200 meter heats then it was high jump my event was 800 meter finals eventually I came 6th and Bj came 4th then the final there events where 100 meter finals shot put year eight boys and relay.In the 100 meter finals my friend Zion came 4th then for the relays the year 7 girls and boys came 1st then they year 8 girls came 4th and the year 8 boys came 4th overall our school came first  and the gardens came second with Roscomen coming third after that we went back to school and had a great weekend.  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

what i did at whitianga

On monday the 10th november 2014 i went to whitianga.when me, my dad, and my mum, all went to whitianga,the car ride is 2 hours long but once you get there its fine.At whitianga we have a house at the water ways and we have a2 storied boat and a pontoon that I jump off into the water.

At whitianga I had to go to mataringi because my dad had to build a fence so my dog leroy couldn't get out, my sister lives at mataringi because she works at whitianga, witianga is only 20 minutes away.  after my dad built the fence he had to go to work, so me and my mum and sister stayed at mataringi. 

At mataringi my mum cleaned the house and my sister and I played xbox. when i got board of xbox i did some of my home work AND I ACHUALY FINISHED MY HOMEWORK!! after my homework my dad picked my mum and i up and we went back to whitianga. 

The next day I went out shopping in town, i went to paper plus and got a jacqueline wilson book called diamond its about this poor girl named alan jane her father hated her because when she was born her mother died and her father blamed alan jane for it so he sold her to a circus man and she became a performer and yeah.

 then we went to a cafe called taste and i got chips. After lunch we went to sunnies, sunnies is like a 2 dollar shop but better. After sunnies we went to the wear house  and i bought some cloths, Then we went home. 

The next day we went back to auckland and we went and saw my cousins new baby named ruby anne and i got to hold her, i also got to hold my other cousins baby boy named Liam and i got to feed him HE IS SO CUTE!! Then i went back to school

By lily :) 

My weekend

On friday the 14th of november 2014 my family and i thought that we would go up north to go pick up my nanny for her opointment until...(ring ring ring)"hello" it was my nanny.We talked for about 3 minutes after she said"can i please talk to mum" i replied                                    "sure" so i went and gave it to mum and tried to listen but mum shut me out.After awhile mum told me were not going anymore,I thought to myself and sighed she always does this so we unpacked our bags unpacked the car and sat back on the couches and relaxed while i was on the laptop my sister was on her phone and my mum was watching t.v my brother was on my mums phone my cat Ruby snuck in and started examning the house until she started CLAWINNG ON THE COUCH!!!.My mum didnt know (luckily) but i knew and saw so i opened the door and gave her some cat food because whenever she was hungry she will always sneak inside and meow or start gettingn annoying my mum and dad said i was over feeding her i thought they were lying nut it was to good to be true.Later on that day we went to the park for my brother to get freash air.Meanwhile we started setting the table for dinner and as soon as we got it all ready my dad made it home and just in time to and then we all went to bed but secretly i stayed up and played my game then went to bed.The next day we were going out so we all had our showers, tried to find our clothes, got dressed, had breakfast,brushed our theeth and left  at 10:30am.As ussal we got there in about 10 minutes and went shopping.A few hours later we brought some clothes and stuff and went to the beach to have lunch.we had fish and chips for lunch and looked for crabs on the beach under rocks.After we went home and did some chores then went out side the back and set up the volley ball net and had one game unfortunitly it got stuck on the roof so we waited in side and heard a something that went AHHH!! but as always it was our next door neighbours  playing games until 9:30 so i went and slept in the lounge until the very last.On sunday the very last day of the weekend we just chilled out at the house until we heard that my aunty was going to hawaii for a vacation but i was worried about the lava but they were only staying their for a week and then they were heading out to america for a meeting with someone she knew a long time ago we didn't get to see the family and her leave but we all had a catch up at her house though then we just chilled out and did the same as the last two days but instead we played scrabble(a board game) and went to bed for another day new day of school.

By:lennox :p


recount of the weekend

Saturday: I went to a party at Chimpmunks and stayed there till
9:00AM and had dinner there, hotdogs, pizza and this M&M Cake for desert.
YUM!!! (But there was none left for me) it was so awesome at Chimpmunks it had eight HUGE cannons and big buckets of balls right next to them for us too fire at people with other cannons and it was hard because of the teenagers that were there.(Weird.)

Sunday:8:00 in the morning I had to get out in the freezing cold and put out signs with my dad because of his Job he does as a real estate agent. We got home and I had a haircut and two showers after that I went to my friends house for a swim and went back home after that just to go to my cousins house in Albany and stayed there for dinner and arrived home at 9:45.(And it was school tomorrow.)         

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

camping in 2014 at Orua Bay beach motor camp.

              Camping in 2015

At the beginning of every year my family and I go camping at Orua Bay. Kaitlyn and Jordan come with us for most of the time. Everyone seems to really enjoy it.

 Most days we go down to the creek and catch some sprats. The people there are really nice.   
We also go to the light house one time while we are there.  

The view from the mountain is incredible.



Last week Reremoana school did a school production every class preformed a different country.My class room 6 and room 5 preformed New Zealand we started the show and ended it. We started the show by singing poi e and 4 seasons in one day. We went off and all the other classes went on. then we finished with the song welcome home and the soloist, actors and room 5 and 6 sang we are the world.After the production we were all tiered and we had to get ready for school the next day.

by Grace :)       

Zombie war part 2

We were soon out of the building and running around the battle field turning the zombies back into humans who ran back home and hid. But it was not too long before we found the thing that caused the zombie disease, a ginormus plant creature of some sort, like a razor sharp flower on a leafy body covered in poisonous spores. As soon as it saw us it fired hard, sharp leaves every where resulting in mini pants (that did'nt move) to spawn. The mother beast was already going to go full power so we decided to do the same! We got out our machine guns and fired. The mini plants saw that their mother was being hurt so they joined in the fight firing mini needles towards us. Luckily we managed to dodge those tiny needles and end the minis. Now it was just the mother left. We decided to get out the grenades and throw them into the plants mouth. We kept trying and trying but each time we threw a grenade at the mothers mouth it closed which made the grenades bounce off the plant. But when the final grenade was thrown it landed right inside the monsters mouth and the last thing heard by everyone that day was  BOOM! The next day there was a party held at my house to celebrate the conkering of the zombies. So hopefully that is the end ... or is it??????

Good Luck To All of The Athletes Competing At The Central Counties Athletics Tomorrow!'Break A Leg'!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

On Thursday 30th of October Reremoana school went to Papakura athletics.We have age groups that we compete in Hayley competed in the 10 year old girls and Grace competed in the 11year old year girls.We both did 7 events.We both did 1500m Hayley came 3rd,Grace came 1st.Then we did long jump grace came 2nd and hayley came 4th by 1cm.Next we did discus we both came 2nd.Then we did 200m Grace came 1 equal and Hayley came 4th.Next we did high jump Hayley came 2nd and Grace came 4th.Then we did shot put Grace came 4th and Hayley came 5th.The last event was 100m Hayley came 4th and Grace came 1st.We all had a great day and went home. 


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Joshua's art at Strathallan

I'm moving school to Strathallan next year… So my mum and dad got me into a art workshop for newcomers. We drove all the way to the school, so far away, when we got there we found our way to the students reception. The art teacher came and she introduced her self to us, even though I forgot her name whatever it was… : /  My mum and dad left me and the other girl to learn ART! Woohoo!

_________________________________DAY 1___________________________________


The teacher ( I think her name started with a C though ) showed us all the artwork in one of the big art rooms. We got our pencil cases out, got our seats and waited for instructions by Mrs C something.
First she showed us what we are trying to do, we are sketching ice-creams, ice-creams on a rack.We started the art by choosing four ice-creams as a base out of the pile. After we chose them and looked at the chosen pictures, we chose which two to sketch and which two to soft pastel and colour. The rack was kinda easy because you just have to draw a long in-the-middle area line for the main rack bit. Then we drew the same thing but around a 1cm below to make it 3D that's the rack done! ( for now ).With our pencils we drew where the hole is for the ice-creams to go in on the rack.
Then we sketched the basic shape of the four ice-creams onto the piece of white paper.
After that we cut out cones to the shape of where the cone is, so it looks like the cone goes through the   rack. To make it look better, we continued the cone under the rack by drawing a triangular shape underneath. We added a cone pattern to it is well :) Now to add the detail on the ice-cream, we looked closely at the picture and added the shade to where it overlapped other bits, by using charcoal.
That is the first cone done. We repeated those steps for the second sketch cone is well.

Now for the third cone. Everything is the same except for the pencil. For these two cones we didn't use pencils ( NOT including the outline ) we used soft pastels instead. We got the colours sorted like this---

and so on…
I used the BLUE group and the GREEN group for my art.
The soft pastels feel like scraping your nails on metal, it feels weird… :)
After that was done we got a coloured version of the cone and did the same as the first cone! cut it out draw the rest! We repeated the steps for the last one but instead we used coloured pencil.
Then we painted the rack a yellow-y colour and painted the background a contrasting colour, which Mrs C something said would be the colour on other side of the colour wheel. ( I think I have thought up a few names for the teacher though… It is close though… I think…) After that..
                                                                KABLAM!  Completed task No.1

           Morning Tea break…


First I got a piece of white paper and put it over a picture of a daisy and stuck it on. I had to trace the daisy over a light box. A light box is a box that has light in it, so when you turn it on, it's easy for you to trace… When I tried, it was so annoying because it was hard to see the image, but after that I got to look at the image and I added in the detail. The shadow was just solid black so the rest can stand out, we also used charcoal to make the shadow in the flower. With the orange soft pastel we added where the pollen is to show the word 'FLOWER' in it. Mrs Cranberry said that we are doing really good, so I'm happy. ( That's what I called her in my brain for a while…) Then we added yellow soft pastel to make the daisy look like the colour is actually in the flower. So that was art No.2 done with
Mrs Cranberry. Woohoo!

Lunch break…

Preparation for HUMMINGBIRD ART  Art No.3

We got a piece of card and we painted it any colour we wanted it. I chose orange/red.
After we painted them we gave it a quick dry with a hair dryer. We then grabbed some dye powder and chose our colours, after wetting the background. We threw the powder onto the wet background so that the powder would turn into dye and it will run along the background. That is preparation stage for the HUMMING BIRD ART.

One thing… Day One has finished...

________________________________DAY 2_________________________________


Firstly we chose our fruit bowls out of a pile of photos. I chose green apples in a white bowl because I
liked the contrast of the two colours mixing. When we chose our photos we glued them on to a piece of card so it is easy to trace around. Then we cut around the fruit bowl so you can't see the background.
We painted the piece of white card to contrast the bowl, so I chose orange. With that we blu-tacked the picture onto the orange background so it's secure. We then traced around the outline of the fruit bowl.
After that we took away the picture and added where the apples were and made a bended line for where the bowl is. Then we seriously added detail by adding stems, shadows and breaks( Cuts the bit between apples )

Morning Tea break…

Then we got the paint out and started painting the main colour of the apples which is just normal green. Then we made different shades of green for the lighter and darker areas of the apple before painting those areas. After that we painted the bowl white, we added shadow to the bowl and then we have finished the fruit bowl. Next we added the patterns for the background, after that we also added white gel paste on a patterned ruler to add a gel pattern which turns hard later on, we put some on our fingers and spread it along the patterned ruler so the gel goes through the ruler. So when you lift the ruler the gel paste stays and the pattern is made. That is the end of art No.3 with Mrs Cowbelly.
(Another name that I came up with… Is it good?)

Lunch Break...

HUMMING BIRD ART  Art No.4 ( Final )

This is the final piece of art that I did with Mrs Cowbelly, 'THE HUMMING BIRD ART'.
First we got our HUMMING BIRD ART background that we got ready in day 1 and placed it on our table. We then chose a picture of a bird out of a pile to use in this art. After we chose them, we traced around the picture that we cut out, in pencil. Then we took away the picture, and filled in the area with ink with a paintbrush. We only had a little bit of ink because the ink bottle tipped over, and it went all over the sink. This morning most of it hardened up and its like hard goo! Well that's it for this art session with Mrs Cowbelly.
Thanks Strathallan!

By Joshua.K

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The planet Googaly part 1

It all started when I was invited to a party. When I got there there was nobody there, so I wandered around the back yard when suddenly the ground opened up and before I could say "oh man" I landed onto a field of ice cream. Once got up, I looked around me, I saw candy floss trees, chocolate houses, candy cane lamp posts, jelly bean people and jelly water. I got up and walked around, asking where I was, then finally I came to a wise old Jelly bean. When I asked him where I was he said "you are on the planet Googaly, in the country Bongalonga and finally in the city Wongdalo''.'' What''? I thought, ''what sort of a mess am I in''? Suddenly a jelly bean ran down the gobstopper pavement screaming ''the nosant monster is coming run for your lives"! The next thing I knew, was that I saw a giant taco the size of a hotel with razor sharp teeth and three red eyes...

Monday, 27 October 2014

Year 7 & 8 camp

                                   Year 7 & 8 Camp

On Tuesday 21st of October  the year 7 and 8's went to a camp called lake wood lodge the there where 6 teams called the royals,Swagger muffins,survivors,Xp dynamite,untouchables and extreme team.Also there was lots of activity's like climbing wall,archery,horse games,kayaking,survival camp which the swagger muffins won there was also lake swim, water slide,flying fox,low ropes,burma trail and spotlight.Also there was a lot of challenges like make a fire challenge, chin up challenge,compass challenge and other.

  Also on the last day we had to do a top class challenge and the iron man challenge

So for the top class challenge there was room 6 & 7 as one class and room 8 so there was 2 boys and girls from each class to do the morning run.And everyone else doing all the activity's but before anyone did anything Mr Fourie had to say go for the runners to go then once all the runners were done then the rock climbing people would, then archery, after that the lake swimmers and so on and.After everyone had finished the two classes had to get in the number of their class like room 6 & 7 had to get into a 7 and room 8 had to get into a 8. Also room 8 won then everyone went on the water slide and went and had a shower.

For the iron man challenge it was swimming in the kayaking lake and there was  competitive and  non competitive  was 5 people going at once 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


                                                            The Island

They have now idea where they are then a man comes up"hay you were the one that hit us and put us in a van"yes that was me"why did you do it" because I work for a team called SAS and I had to bring you here on this island so we can see if you can be a.............................."be a what"what's that over there the boy look back "there's nothing there said Josh then they turned back the man was gone what do we do now survive for how long a couple of weeks "A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!yep.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

                            In Australia 

I have enjoyed this holiday because  we have done a lot of stuff like movie world and dream world but on Tuesday we went to harbour town for shopping and my brother spent all of his money I spent my money on new shoes and two new t-shirts one from jay jays and the other from Adidas and now I have $45 dollars left

By  Bradley

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I was playing on the field at school with some of my best friends when they disintegrated into thin air.Then it became darker and darker but I could still see the light.It looked like a small circle surrounded by darkness then I look up staring into a beam of light a stroke of fear runs through my spine I'm in a UFO.These weird things looked at me straight in the eye and said... nothing.They took me to this brightly coloured planet it looked kind of like earth except with giant mushroom shaped things as houses.I thought to myself where am I? then the alien spoke with a rather weird voice.He or she was wearing a tuxedo and was bald he or she said my name he or she said to me my name is loopsynaba and you are?I said who's asking?no one just me.I'm Zion, i said in a frightened voice, where are my friends when i was on earth they just disappeared into thin air i said in a concerned voice, there fine there just about to get here in a few seconds said loopsynaka.Here they are now,guys!!!!! your here!!!!! I've been abducted by aliens...

                End of part 1 of alien abduction...

by:Zion.p :)

Earth worm part 1

It was 22 all, score were tied up, rain fell like lightning and the crowd cheered like thunder. Until I had the ball I was running fast the crowd cheered low it got quieter and quieter until silence, everyone looked up as I still ran, I scored a try but still nothing happened I turned my back to shout at the reff but he was nowhere to be seen neither the crowd or anyone. Then I said to myself " Whats going on " then I felt myself streching out as long as an alligator and as tall as a girrafe. I kept on repeating myself over and over again " whats going on" " whats going on " then a frightful scream "Blepblopblap ".                                                                                                                                                                                  By Boston and Flynn

Flaffomani World (2)

                    Flaffomani World (2)

I get slammed to the ground with the K.O blow. The creature closes in on me, I commando crawl towards a deep hole that is filled with goop. I crawl in as the creature throws the hammer down leaving my shoes with a bit of dust. Crawling away in relief until I hear a big crumble behind me ( crumble crumble )… ( supposed to be sound affects )
A centipede like glop ball scuttles towards me, excitedly waiting to have lunch! So I scuttle like the centipede and we both have the same scuttling technique. There are two pathways ahead of me…Left or Right? The centipede is slowly moving to the right… " Left it is then!"
I turn left speedily, as the giant blob goes crashing into the right tunnel leaving a massive skid mark behind it. Hope I survive this game, (for once) I scuttle away into a big clearing with massive monuments with torches reaching for the sky. I stare in amazement at the creation that 'someone' had made… 
A monument falls down just nipping me by my shoe, what was that?

To Be Continued…

Joshua Knight

Thursday, 11 September 2014

In the morning when i woke up i saw my self sleeping on a prickly rock.
I stood up from the prickly rock which i was sleeping on when i stood up i saw  the earth in front of me.
So they i thought to my self'' wait a second'' i said to my self. ''the earth is there but were am i''.I was scared and at the same time shock,so then i went off to find somebody to help me, but no one is here in this place.Then i walk another mile then i saw a big crater it was. A big crater like the size of Auckland city. Then suddenly thunder started and lighting  started to strike.On the crater then i saw something up in the sky like something like a ufo but it was not a ufo it was a flying motorbike and landed two meters away from me.I was scared i really wanted to scream but i was to scared nothing came out of my mouth. Somebody was wearing a hoodie   i couldn't see it's face but he got off the motorbike and said these weird words and signs  like gobilapelingsaja!!!. It said it a few times but it stop and stood.I stood there staring at each other in shock.So then l fainted in front of him.Then i woke up on my cozy bed i thought that it was a dream, when i went downstairs to eat my breakfast  bacon and egg as usual.I call out my mum to make me some bacon and eggs i went to the living room and saw the t.v was on and also all the clocks were frozen at 12:03,it was weird because it never happen before like this ever,i went outside to check dad but he wasn't there everything that was live.They were all frozen even the birds which was flying they were all frozen except me.    
by faronce and mazhar.

the big pear part 1

       The big pear               Well it all started when..boom.I woke up unaware of my surroundings.As I rub my head I walk around to a door it automatically goes down.I walk outside all of a sudden i'm on a sidewalk in what appears to be a big city with weird things driving cars and walking around and going into places.Then a taxi pulls up and the driver says hop "hop in".                                                                     I asked him where I am he said "we are in the big pear".I'm sorry come again I said "the big pear population 77 million planet wide 13 million in the city alone".Then we pulled over I hopped out and saw Mazhar and said "hi Mazhar".                                     Mazhar started speaking chinese then we saw buskers and we went to see them.There was a rapper,strong guy,narrator dude and a smart guy.we talked to them and they said Mazhar was a robot the aliens saw and captured all my friends.I said if they help me get them out of captivity then we will take them to Earth in new york to live.                                   We went through a alleyway and entered a dark building.


The crowd were off their feet cheering loudly as Owen did the perfect lay up and got it in. The scores were now even. Suddenly the Saints got the ball, and then scored a long distance shot. The scores are now 22 -24, and then out of nowhere Owen did  an outstanding pass that went all the way across the court right into Keegan's hands, and he scored a 2 pointer for the team. 
Once again the scores were tied. Then Owen and Keegan were subbed off, and that's exactly what the Saints needed, to get a big lead. 
5 minutes has passed and the scores are now 42-26 and with only 10 minutes left until full time. Finally Keegan and Owen are subbed on. Goal after Goal after goal, Owen is on fire. He just got 6 points for the team and the scores are now 42-32. The saints go for a pass but then Keegan just intercepted and did a quick shot and again got it in. 5 minutes left scores are now 42-34 and the Saints are about to get a goal but Keegan blocked it then got the ball and passed to Owen then he sprinted down the court and no one could catch up to him. Another lay up by Owen and another goal. 3 minutes left now and it is so close, the crowd are cheering so loud and again Owen with another shot and he scored the scores are 42-38. Keegan just got another 2 pointer scores are now 40-42. 20 seconds left Owen has the ball but he cant get a goal because there is to many people defending. He then sees Keegan behind the 3 pointer line he passes it to Keegan and Keegan takes a 3 pointer shot, the crowd were hoping it would go in. Then it did and the whistle went it was over the Rovers beat the Saints 43-42.

Fitness And Maori

                                  Fitness And Maori 

Every Friday Room 6 and Room 8 have been doing class swap overs and my class has gone with Room 8's teacher and Room 8 has gone with Mrs Bailey for Maori. 
We have been doing this for the last three terms [if the weather has been alright] Mrs Bailey has been taking Room 8 to teach them Maori like body parts, songs and a lot more. With Room 6 we have done a lot of sports like Ripper Rugby, Discus, Long Jump and Tennis. 
The best overall has been Long Jump and Ripper Rugby. I was really good at Ripper Rugby and Long Jump. The hardest one to learn was probably Discus, because of the fact that you need to get a good spin height, and it needs to come out the right way and not out the back of your hand.
 Those are the only sports that we have done because of the bad weather and that's everything thing we've done [Apart from the elite fitness and other fitness group we do everyday, well whenever its not raining] 

Flaffomani world

                                  Flaffomani world

 In the world of Gronom, a creature named Saniom was walking in the Forest of Gum until 
Saniom fell into a hole....
When he reached the end of the million year ride,he hopped out feeling weird... He was all flat and 2D!Like he was in a game!....
Wait a minute...He was in a game!

Game-World? I don't like the sound of that!
AAAAH!A zombie has attacked me and I'm dead!
Wait, 4 more lives!O.K I've got it, I fight back with my sword and cut the zombies head off with confidence. I'm happy now. I run off waiting for more zombies to cut, I hear a stick snap behind me, I draw my sword but I turn around tripping up giving the monster an advantage for attack.The zombie with a head shaped as a hammer and the face is a sledge hammer. I get thumped! 

To Be Continued...

By Joshua Knight

Making art with Miss Cole

Not long ago we made some pretty cool art with Miss Cole. It was supposed to look like Auckland city on the horizen. It was a really cool art to make and the end results were astonishing! Here are the steps we took to make our art. Step one is to draw our Auckland city in silhouette. Step two is to paint our back-round. A lot of people did the sunrise and others did the night time sky.Step three was painting the silhouette black so that it looked like it was morning. Finally we stuck the silhouette to our back-round. So there is the four easy steps to make our art. And you can even see them in the foyer on the wall now!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Flynn and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Species of dolphins

Dolphin facts

Types of dolphins:

Right whale dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins
Mauis dolphins
Rough toothed dolphin
Spinner dolphin
Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin
Atlantic hump back dolphin
Clymene dolphin
White beak dolphin
Striped dolphin
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Pantropical spotted dolphin
Frasers dolphin
Hectors dolphin
Black dolphin
Dusky dolphin
Pacific white sided 
La Plata
Amazon river
Northen right whale dolphin
Southern right whale dolphin

By Brooke and Shriya
          reasons on lunch eating and the hall                                                                                                     lunch eating area                                                                                                                                                                                             * make sure you are sitting down when you are eating.                     * make sure you sit in your area .                                                       * make sure you don't shear you'r lunch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          * remember  to not play with the school equipment unless you             where  told to by a teacher.                                                              *  remember  to not jump on the stage.                                                *make sure you wear no socks in the hall.   

              year 4,5 and 6  cross country 

Last month the year 4,5 and 6 went to Mountford Park.It was a really exiting and noisy day for all of us. Before we started the race every one warmed up.The race started with the year 4 girls all the way to the year sixes. The teachers,students and I are very proud of our school for coming..... 1st we had . I am very proud of myself for coming 1st in my year six race. The reason why I came first is because the team leader trained us every day in the mornings. We all became very fit which helped us to be at the top of the fitness levels.We are all very grateful for his growls, his loud voice and his wish to see us all do our very best.                            by Grace  

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Harmony Festival Choir

                       Harmony Festival Choir

On Tuesday 20th of August students from our school went to a harmony festival. It started at 7:30 but we had to be there by 7:00.
When we first entered it was so cool with all the flashing lights and the cold air to make the lights look more effective. When we got in we sat right in the middle in the front, where everyone could see us. The first thing that happened was they introduced the conductors Mrs Ova'a and Mr Devero. The first song we sang was the national anthem and then we sang a really cool song you make me feel so good, then we sung another this one was from the movie Mary Poppins, Chim Chiminey with a solo from our very own Milo he was so the other soloist didn't even match. After a couple more songs the other conductor came to sing a really cool song E Papa it is a Maori song that everyone in the choir loved [ I think]. A little while longer we ended up singing my favourite two song holding out for a hero and let the music play in the end we had a great thank you to the choir instructors, parents for bringing students to choir and the three most important people the two conductors and the person who put this on Mrs Chalmers from GreenMeadows intermediate. It finally ended at 9:50 my mum was so proud of me[Brody] and I was proud of myself.

Schools:GreenMeadows, Reremoana, Hill Park,St Annes, Manurewa Intermediate,Manurewa South and East and many mores schools whos names i do not know names I do not know.  



Cross country!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year 4, 5, and 6 cross country this year was held in mount ford park. When us year 4 5s and sixes first got there only Clayton park school were sitting in the grand stand. In other words, our school was the second school there.As we sat in the grand stand other schools arrived. There was The Gardens and Hill park and a whole lot of schools but those were the only schools I recognised. Anyway the year 4 races were at about 11:20 which we came second and third in for the boys but no places for the girls. Then there was the year 5 races which we came first and second for the boys and for the year 5 girls we came third. Finally it was our turn, the year 6 girls ran and we came first and second for that. Then, the final race,was about to start. The year 6 boys lined up, then the starter, well started the race. With a loud BANG!!!!!! the race was on. We ran around one big field, then around another and then we ran our finishing lap. The best place in our year was Andre who came third out of everyone. In the end I came 22nd(in the first 30) out of all the competitors. All I can say now is that it was a pretty fantastic cross country for Reremoana school! YAY!!!!!!!!!me

By Flynn Cooper :)

year seven and eight Cross Country

                      Year seven and eight Cross Country

On Friday 22 of August the year seven and eights went to a cross country day.First up we had the year seven girls first was Theane then second place was Eden next up was the year seven boys third place was Bj then Brody came 16th then nick came in 17th and Bradley[me] came 19th then it was the year eight girls second place was Gemma  third place was Hannah.Next was the year eight boys Taia came 6th and David came 9th
overall our school came 2nd. Also  congratulations to all the people that participated in the cross Country that I didn't call out.   

Monday, 1 September 2014

                                           50 post's on room6's blog 

yay we finally got 50 post's on our blog it is taken a while but who cares we got 50 post's

survival by Bradley

                                                  The beginning 

"What you doing this weekend""nothing much"" well we can play at my house on saturday""ok" see you saturday Josh and Zion walk away from each other.Brody and Bradley are walking next to each other "so you going to go to Zion's place on saturday"maybe""well I think we are just going to the park but Im still going to go.You guys made it Bradley,Josh and Brody walk inside "what do you guys wont to do go to the park"ok at the park Josh and Bradley are on the swings talking while Zion and Brody are playing tag then Josh and Bradley join in then a man comes walking pass and talks to them  for a bit then he walks off without  saying goodbye then Josh and Bradley go down to the beach then the man comes back then Zion looks at the beach and Bradley and Josh aren't there then Zion goes down  with Brody then the man hits them and puts them in a van 


Then all of a sudden the four friends are on an island a weird looking island. The end 

                                      New series announcement 

I [Bradley wil be starting a new series by my self for now the series will be called survival it is about four friends get kidnapped and get put on a island that there names are Bradley,Zion,Josh and Brody.Also I will not be writing this series  by my self also Im sorry if I make some errors.


In room6 we have been doing reflections at the end of the day Mrs Bailey gets us to do more than four sentences.We have to explain what happen in our day and how we felt about it.

Today was the best day because in the middle block we helped room 10 with there speeches and we  helped them  to build their confidence up then it was lunch after lunch Mrs bailey got us to sing some tongan songs after then we did some art.[In my book this was six pages. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

                                   battle of the lunch by bradley


A long long long long long time ago burgers and fries where a the war versing wraps and chickens the prize was the fish and chips castle.A burger  named Bradley was in the war he was only 11 years old Bradley didn't wont to be in the war he wonted to live a happy life but that all changed when he had to go to war.Bradley's commanding officer was already dead and Bradley was in second command" ok men the chip planes are one there way lets just full back.

48 hours later

Ok  men the chip planes are her go and attack then a chip plane landed and Bradley got in to one of them then he blew up all the wraps and chickens then the burgers won the war for now.

be out the look out for the battle of the breakfast and desert 

Zombie war

It is now 24th of September 2106. Me, Keegan, Boston, Owen, and Faronc'e  travelled to this time and now we are in big trouble. The whole of NZ is under attack by zombies. Luckily only Boston has turned into a zombie. We are only armed with an antidote and a shotgun so it is pretty hard to hold off the zombies. Uh oh, Boston just turned Owen and Faronc'e into zombies.Keegan says he has a plan, run! And thats exactly what we do until we can't see any of the shuffling zombies and until we reach our headquarters. Unfortunatly for us, Boston shuffles out of the darkness. Keegan screams, but I slap him across the face saying "hold it together man". Boston then shuffles closer to us and turns Keegan into a zombie. Now I am the last surviver. I run into the secure laboratory under the base and conduct a gun with the zombie antidote in it, man why didn't I think of that before? Anyway I head upstairs to Boston and Keegan the gun works! I give them both a gun each "its time to blast some zombies". 

                   To be continued

By Flynn

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Dome


July 2nd me and 9 other crew members have been sucked into a dome,the dome. our SSC Cranks is destroyed 5 people in my crew have died the only people that survived was  Luke,Bradley, Zion,Joshua and I. I scoped the dome all I could see was creatures of mother kind they were black thats all they were just black they had tails as sharp as a knife there were also buildings that were different sizes some small some big some red some black. Luke turned to me and said "Where do we go now captain???" we have to blend in start a new life here, all of a sudden a broadcast came on saying in english "attention all all the dome is being opened we will all die the only thing that will save us is a spark engine well I wish you all the best in the final three weeks that we have" Joshua said to me inn a more surprised voice"we have a spark engine if we give it to these creatures we might be able to exchange for a ride out of here" where was the broadcast coming from though " replied Bradley "that transmitter looks like it was broadcasted from there" I said. When we arrived at the broadcast station it was only a matter of climbing some stairs but as we opened thee door the domes police came the crew sprinted up the stairs as fast as they could Luke Joshua and Bradley said to me you go we'll cover you. As I sprinted up the stairs, when I got to the top a red helicopter with lots of guns the helicopter started shooting at me and I dodged the bullets like a boss then I pull out my golden AK - 47 and shot the pilot but when I shot the pilot he shot the bullet at my leg and shot me I fell to the ground but i did not give up I got back up and started limping towards the broadcast thingy I turned on the broadcast machine and broadcasted and I said 
                              TO BE CONTINUED    


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Once upon a time there was a game that lived in a country.The game was called…soccer.This sport was massive in this country people lived for it.But all this changed when a man called BoB came and spoke of the soccer clones that will give guarenteed results for the fans.         

In their first game they smoked the opposition.The great players Ronaldo,Messi ,Newmar,Ramos,Ineista and co lost the game      5-0.After the game the players lost confidence  in them and disappeared.But the clones kept playing their games the clones are undefeated.

One man who was on the management side of soccer was tired of this.He walked into a small bar and saw a commercial for clone Lebrun James.And decided he was going to find the originals.He started with Cristiano Ronaldo who was now a model for a sports shop.

He kidnapped him and went to find the rest of them.Messi was working for a hair company Newmar and David Luis were barbers, Ineista was in the country and Howard,Ramos,Ribery    ,Pique,Gerrad and Evra. When they arrived at the base The players did not know what to do.

The manager arrived the players asked what they were doing "we are here to make a stand".The manager walked them around and showed them the origins of soccer.At the end the manager showed them their kits they wear.

Then the players put them on and challenged the clones to a game first goal wins.This was the biggest game in soccer history.The teams arrived and the game kicked off.Messi passed to Ribery and he skipped past two defenders.

He put it through to Gerrard who chipped it through for Messi to volley! it's going into the top post but the keeper saves it now the clones make a break down the line pass in the middle slips through to the striker and Howard trips him up Evra runs the ball rolls through!

But vera chips it back and passes to Ramos who Rainbows it.Now he passes to Ineista who beats the defenders now only the keeper remains 45 meters out and a whole army of clones come A pass to Neymar who steps them all and now passes to Ronaldo who skips past them.

Jumps over the keeper stops the ball and scores!.The all stars have won and the clones are defeated.

The end

Novel study