Thursday, 13 March 2014

How the year 6s made our grass cans!!!

I'm going to tell you about how the year 6s made our grass cans!

Firstly all the year 6s had to bring a large empty tin can to school. After everyone brought a tin can to school we could paint on our undercoat. We had to be careful not to get any on our school uniform, if we did it would not come off.

Then we had to draw a sketch based on picasso that we could draw onto our cans later it was very hard to draw like picasso but we all managed to. Later we had to colour our cans in with crayons, pencils and felts.It was so fun.

The next day if we finished our drawing we had to draw our design onto our can in pencil, it was very hard to keep our lines straight with our bumpy cans and we managed to keep them as straight as we could.

The day after that we painted our cans using the colours:

  • green
  • blue
  • white
  • black
  • yellow
  • red
  • orange

By Brooke

in Japan

Playing around with my cousin while the other ones sleeping till 12:00 in japan time.Then i had it I have been waiting all day to play with her.So I run into her room and start screaming and jump up and down until she wakes up.She got mad at me and it was new years eve so it wasn't a good start to the year.

Once every one got changed we all went into a room that was very exspensive.I did not know my Grandma  even had that room but the thing is no one is allowed in it unless its important.We had green tea and chattered.I didn't find the purpose of it but it is a Japanese tradition.

On the night of new years eve my cousins and my mum and I went to temple my brother wasn't feeling well.We got their and rang a huge bell at midnight.

The next day was sadly our last.My brother mum and I went early in the morning we took a three hour train  to the air port.And flew back to Auckland for 13 hours.

by Grace.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

fun trip by tyler wichman

On sunday my brothers my nana and I went to my best place ever called whangamata for a great time at first we went to a surf beach.

when we got there the sun was rising from above my head when we went down to the water we jumped in with a great splash then this guy jumped from the rocks and made a big slash wetting my nana.

after awhile a huge wave came so we went over it with our boards it was amazing fun!!!.

we had some scumshes lunch we had orange juice apple juice and  smoothies also steak lamp prawn salad fancy sandwiches grilled cheese tosties for treats we had mouse chocolate mud cake chocolate roses and last of all we had chocolate ice-cream with cabury flake on it and yummy toppings.

then we watched the sun finally rise above the trees into the high sky with a bright orange background that was great this was one of the best days ever in my whole life!!!!!.

Baby cousins first birthday - bye Jayde


On January the ninth I went to my cousins house for her first birthday . When we got there no one  was there  so my dad ,brother and I waited for a little bit until they came back from the pools . After five minutes they were back . 

Once they were out of the car they said ''come in '',My cousins zoomed home because they recognised   my dads text .Once we were in the house , my brother and I gave our presents to my cousins.I gave her a stuffed cow  and she loved it, because she is only one year old.

Afterwards we stayed for a little bit and my dad , brother and I heard her talk and we also saw her walking. What a clever girl.

what a fun day . Cant wait until her birthday party on sunday 16 march.

bye Jayde.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Quilling By: Charlotte

In room 6 the year 7's have been learning to do Quilling,

 Which some of you may know that Quilling is a type of art were the artist picks a shape, of there choosing and use a Quilling tool to curl a piece of paper, also you then stick it on the piece of paper where ever they wont to, when you feel like you have finished you can show all of your friends and family.

But we got to do the first letter of our name instead and then decorate  it any way we wont to and you have to attest use two differnt colours for your art. also it may take you about tow or four days to finish your art, you may start to think that you will never finish but just have fun you don't have to finish right away.

We are still trying to finish but you can come to the gala and see them for your self and have fun so when ever you can why not try to my make a Quilling art it is lots of fun for every one so look at jorja's way to make Quilling art can't what for min to be done. 

By: Charlotte =) 


Lately the year 7 have been doing Quilling. Quilling is a type of art. Now i will explain in 3 stages how to do Quilling.

Firstly, before you even start Quilling you have to come up with a plan.   you can do the first letter of your Name. You can also do a word that means something to you. If your not sure what to do just look on Safari and type in Quilling and it should come up with pitches of Quilling. Then you think of what colours you want.

Secondly, You have to cut  lines of coloured paper or you could by the strips already cut for you.When you cut your coloured paper they have to be not thin but now thick so they have to be just right.
Then you think of what colours  you want were.

Finally , you get your Quilling tool and on one side there is a gap  between to mettle pars. Thats were you put your pice of cut paper in the gap. Next's you twist the Quilling tool and then is show make a circle shape. One you happy with how much you've made you glue it onto you paper and then you DONE!!!!!

I hope i have explained  to you how to do Quilling and Good Luck!

By: Jorja.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sea World

During the day when I went to sea world in Australia it was really hot.So when we arrived there we had to put a lot of sunblock on.When my Mum my Dad and Harry were all ready we headed off for our fun day in sea world.The first thing we did of course was pay for the time we were going to spend there, then we headed off into sea world.

When we had gotten into sea world the first place we went was dinosaur island.When we were on dinosaur island we new it was going to be cool because of the giant (fake) t-rex we saw.As we were walking through we saw heaps of different (yet fake) dinosaurs.There were triceratops's,brontosauruses,velicoraptors and heaps more.My favourite was the spinosaurus.

Once we had made it out of dinosaur island amazed we headed of to look at all the animals.The first ones we saw were the penguins which I thought were quiet cute.Next we saw the polar bear which I thought was scratching its back.Then we went underground to see all the fish and sharks,they were so cool.It was like swimming with them except you weren't getting wet.Finally we went to see the stingrays.Although they were small they were cool.I even got to touch some.The ones I touched were all slimy.

After all that me,my Mum,my Dad and Harry all had time to go on a ride or Two.I went on one when you had to pull on a rope to make your seats go up and then you had to let go when you wanted to go down.Also My Dad came with me onto that ride and my brother (Harry) went on a ride When you went round and round while sitting in a fake rocket.After having a walk around we went back to our car with some great memories.So then we drove back to where we were staying for all the time we were in Australia and went for a swim.