Thursday, 11 September 2014

In the morning when i woke up i saw my self sleeping on a prickly rock.
I stood up from the prickly rock which i was sleeping on when i stood up i saw  the earth in front of me.
So they i thought to my self'' wait a second'' i said to my self. ''the earth is there but were am i''.I was scared and at the same time shock,so then i went off to find somebody to help me, but no one is here in this place.Then i walk another mile then i saw a big crater it was. A big crater like the size of Auckland city. Then suddenly thunder started and lighting  started to strike.On the crater then i saw something up in the sky like something like a ufo but it was not a ufo it was a flying motorbike and landed two meters away from me.I was scared i really wanted to scream but i was to scared nothing came out of my mouth. Somebody was wearing a hoodie   i couldn't see it's face but he got off the motorbike and said these weird words and signs  like gobilapelingsaja!!!. It said it a few times but it stop and stood.I stood there staring at each other in shock.So then l fainted in front of him.Then i woke up on my cozy bed i thought that it was a dream, when i went downstairs to eat my breakfast  bacon and egg as usual.I call out my mum to make me some bacon and eggs i went to the living room and saw the t.v was on and also all the clocks were frozen at 12:03,it was weird because it never happen before like this ever,i went outside to check dad but he wasn't there everything that was live.They were all frozen even the birds which was flying they were all frozen except me.    
by faronce and mazhar.

the big pear part 1

       The big pear               Well it all started when..boom.I woke up unaware of my surroundings.As I rub my head I walk around to a door it automatically goes down.I walk outside all of a sudden i'm on a sidewalk in what appears to be a big city with weird things driving cars and walking around and going into places.Then a taxi pulls up and the driver says hop "hop in".                                                                     I asked him where I am he said "we are in the big pear".I'm sorry come again I said "the big pear population 77 million planet wide 13 million in the city alone".Then we pulled over I hopped out and saw Mazhar and said "hi Mazhar".                                     Mazhar started speaking chinese then we saw buskers and we went to see them.There was a rapper,strong guy,narrator dude and a smart guy.we talked to them and they said Mazhar was a robot the aliens saw and captured all my friends.I said if they help me get them out of captivity then we will take them to Earth in new york to live.                                   We went through a alleyway and entered a dark building.


The crowd were off their feet cheering loudly as Owen did the perfect lay up and got it in. The scores were now even. Suddenly the Saints got the ball, and then scored a long distance shot. The scores are now 22 -24, and then out of nowhere Owen did  an outstanding pass that went all the way across the court right into Keegan's hands, and he scored a 2 pointer for the team. 
Once again the scores were tied. Then Owen and Keegan were subbed off, and that's exactly what the Saints needed, to get a big lead. 
5 minutes has passed and the scores are now 42-26 and with only 10 minutes left until full time. Finally Keegan and Owen are subbed on. Goal after Goal after goal, Owen is on fire. He just got 6 points for the team and the scores are now 42-32. The saints go for a pass but then Keegan just intercepted and did a quick shot and again got it in. 5 minutes left scores are now 42-34 and the Saints are about to get a goal but Keegan blocked it then got the ball and passed to Owen then he sprinted down the court and no one could catch up to him. Another lay up by Owen and another goal. 3 minutes left now and it is so close, the crowd are cheering so loud and again Owen with another shot and he scored the scores are 42-38. Keegan just got another 2 pointer scores are now 40-42. 20 seconds left Owen has the ball but he cant get a goal because there is to many people defending. He then sees Keegan behind the 3 pointer line he passes it to Keegan and Keegan takes a 3 pointer shot, the crowd were hoping it would go in. Then it did and the whistle went it was over the Rovers beat the Saints 43-42.

Fitness And Maori

                                  Fitness And Maori 

Every Friday Room 6 and Room 8 have been doing class swap overs and my class has gone with Room 8's teacher and Room 8 has gone with Mrs Bailey for Maori. 
We have been doing this for the last three terms [if the weather has been alright] Mrs Bailey has been taking Room 8 to teach them Maori like body parts, songs and a lot more. With Room 6 we have done a lot of sports like Ripper Rugby, Discus, Long Jump and Tennis. 
The best overall has been Long Jump and Ripper Rugby. I was really good at Ripper Rugby and Long Jump. The hardest one to learn was probably Discus, because of the fact that you need to get a good spin height, and it needs to come out the right way and not out the back of your hand.
 Those are the only sports that we have done because of the bad weather and that's everything thing we've done [Apart from the elite fitness and other fitness group we do everyday, well whenever its not raining] 

Flaffomani world

                                  Flaffomani world

 In the world of Gronom, a creature named Saniom was walking in the Forest of Gum until 
Saniom fell into a hole....
When he reached the end of the million year ride,he hopped out feeling weird... He was all flat and 2D!Like he was in a game!....
Wait a minute...He was in a game!

Game-World? I don't like the sound of that!
AAAAH!A zombie has attacked me and I'm dead!
Wait, 4 more lives!O.K I've got it, I fight back with my sword and cut the zombies head off with confidence. I'm happy now. I run off waiting for more zombies to cut, I hear a stick snap behind me, I draw my sword but I turn around tripping up giving the monster an advantage for attack.The zombie with a head shaped as a hammer and the face is a sledge hammer. I get thumped! 

To Be Continued...

By Joshua Knight

Making art with Miss Cole

Not long ago we made some pretty cool art with Miss Cole. It was supposed to look like Auckland city on the horizen. It was a really cool art to make and the end results were astonishing! Here are the steps we took to make our art. Step one is to draw our Auckland city in silhouette. Step two is to paint our back-round. A lot of people did the sunrise and others did the night time sky.Step three was painting the silhouette black so that it looked like it was morning. Finally we stuck the silhouette to our back-round. So there is the four easy steps to make our art. And you can even see them in the foyer on the wall now!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Flynn and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Species of dolphins

Dolphin facts

Types of dolphins:

Right whale dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins
Mauis dolphins
Rough toothed dolphin
Spinner dolphin
Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin
Atlantic hump back dolphin
Clymene dolphin
White beak dolphin
Striped dolphin
Atlantic spotted dolphin
Pantropical spotted dolphin
Frasers dolphin
Hectors dolphin
Black dolphin
Dusky dolphin
Pacific white sided 
La Plata
Amazon river
Northen right whale dolphin
Southern right whale dolphin

By Brooke and Shriya
          reasons on lunch eating and the hall                                                                                                     lunch eating area                                                                                                                                                                                             * make sure you are sitting down when you are eating.                     * make sure you sit in your area .                                                       * make sure you don't shear you'r lunch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          * remember  to not play with the school equipment unless you             where  told to by a teacher.                                                              *  remember  to not jump on the stage.                                                *make sure you wear no socks in the hall.   

              year 4,5 and 6  cross country 

Last month the year 4,5 and 6 went to Mountford Park.It was a really exiting and noisy day for all of us. Before we started the race every one warmed up.The race started with the year 4 girls all the way to the year sixes. The teachers,students and I are very proud of our school for coming..... 1st we had . I am very proud of myself for coming 1st in my year six race. The reason why I came first is because the team leader trained us every day in the mornings. We all became very fit which helped us to be at the top of the fitness levels.We are all very grateful for his growls, his loud voice and his wish to see us all do our very best.                            by Grace