Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why bullying is bad

today i am going to talk about 'why bullying is bad'.
i will talk about the reasons why bullying is bad,how to avoid a bully
and what to do if you are bullied.

the reasons why bullying is bad is it effects peoples lives badly and also
it can make you feel embarrassed,lonely or even not like.
there is no reason for it and there is no point to do it.
being different is not an excuse to be bullied.

some good facts about bullying is that 1 child in every 10 children stop going to school because of bullying.90% of year 4 to year8 do report bullying and that is rely good but by the time you reach the age of 14 that will drop to 35%.
did you know that 3.2 millon children are bullied each year in the world?if we had 8000 x our entire school children that how many i am talking about.
they is also a chance that if you are a bully you are more likely to get into trouble and end up with a criminal record when you get order.

what can bullying look like will it could be hitting or punching,using bad language just like swearing,talking people thing,embarrassing people deliberately so they look bad,making people feel lonely,by excluding them and also getting someone in trouble.

how to avoid a bully
always treat people the same way you want to be treated.
if someone hurts your feeling do not let them know they have hurt your feeling.
take a stand against bullying and stick together.
try to walk home with a friend.
if you see a bully walk the other way but do not look scared.

so my conclusion would be that you should never be afraid to stand up to a bullyboy talking or sharing your feelings with someone together with can stamp out bullying all together.for extra information there is some great advice online just type in thing you need to know about bullying.

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