Monday, 17 March 2014


On the third of march the year 7/8 cricket team went to WI pa to play a 20/20 game against WI pa school when we got there we did some warm ups and practise our bowling.The captain went up to the  other captain  to do the coin toss, the captain came back to us and said we were going to bat first and I wasn't really happy because I was bating 3rd, so when one of the opener's got out I was in.I went to go talk to my friends then 
I heard a loud shout then I had to go in. I was in with my friend Jared, then after 10 min Jared got bowled when it was coming strait at him so then I was with Fala the co captain and then after 10 min
I got caught and then that was my day. Eventually we got 77 runs. Teia was bowling first and he got 2 wickets. Fala  bowled but he didn't  get any wickets, Teia  bowled again he got one wicket in his over then it was my turn to bowl. I got one wicket then we bowled then all out and we won by 17 runs. We went back to school and Teai  got player of the day. 

By Bradley Wickes.

Katikati at Saphia springs

In the holidays me and my family except my Dad. We went to Katikati with my cousins and there Mum. We went camping apart from my Grandma and Grandad they stayed in  a unit for the 5 days we went.On day 1 we set up the tent and did all of that. We went on a tire swing that was not across the the river. Then after that we went on the tire swing that was across the river. We let go at the really deep spot, then we all went in the pool.There where 3 different temperatures 1 really warm 2 warm 3 cold. Next we went on the slide and into Daniels ring and landed in the ring. It was so fun. But that was the last day so we packed up every thing and went home.

 By Hayley