Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Harmony Festival Choir

                       Harmony Festival Choir

On Tuesday 20th of August students from our school went to a harmony festival. It started at 7:30 but we had to be there by 7:00.
When we first entered it was so cool with all the flashing lights and the cold air to make the lights look more effective. When we got in we sat right in the middle in the front, where everyone could see us. The first thing that happened was they introduced the conductors Mrs Ova'a and Mr Devero. The first song we sang was the national anthem and then we sang a really cool song you make me feel so good, then we sung another this one was from the movie Mary Poppins, Chim Chiminey with a solo from our very own Milo he was so the other soloist didn't even match. After a couple more songs the other conductor came to sing a really cool song E Papa it is a Maori song that everyone in the choir loved [ I think]. A little while longer we ended up singing my favourite two song holding out for a hero and let the music play in the end we had a great thank you to the choir instructors, parents for bringing students to choir and the three most important people the two conductors and the person who put this on Mrs Chalmers from GreenMeadows intermediate. It finally ended at 9:50 my mum was so proud of me[Brody] and I was proud of myself.

Schools:GreenMeadows, Reremoana, Hill Park,St Annes, Manurewa Intermediate,Manurewa South and East and many mores schools whos names i do not know names I do not know.  



Cross country!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year 4, 5, and 6 cross country this year was held in mount ford park. When us year 4 5s and sixes first got there only Clayton park school were sitting in the grand stand. In other words, our school was the second school there.As we sat in the grand stand other schools arrived. There was The Gardens and Hill park and a whole lot of schools but those were the only schools I recognised. Anyway the year 4 races were at about 11:20 which we came second and third in for the boys but no places for the girls. Then there was the year 5 races which we came first and second for the boys and for the year 5 girls we came third. Finally it was our turn, the year 6 girls ran and we came first and second for that. Then, the final race,was about to start. The year 6 boys lined up, then the starter, well started the race. With a loud BANG!!!!!! the race was on. We ran around one big field, then around another and then we ran our finishing lap. The best place in our year was Andre who came third out of everyone. In the end I came 22nd(in the first 30) out of all the competitors. All I can say now is that it was a pretty fantastic cross country for Reremoana school! YAY!!!!!!!!!me

By Flynn Cooper :)

year seven and eight Cross Country

                      Year seven and eight Cross Country

On Friday 22 of August the year seven and eights went to a cross country day.First up we had the year seven girls first was Theane then second place was Eden next up was the year seven boys third place was Bj then Brody came 16th then nick came in 17th and Bradley[me] came 19th then it was the year eight girls second place was Gemma  third place was Hannah.Next was the year eight boys Taia came 6th and David came 9th
overall our school came 2nd. Also  congratulations to all the people that participated in the cross Country that I didn't call out.   

Monday, 1 September 2014

                                           50 post's on room6's blog 

yay we finally got 50 post's on our blog it is taken a while but who cares we got 50 post's

survival by Bradley

                                                  The beginning 

"What you doing this weekend""nothing much"" well we can play at my house on saturday""ok" see you saturday Josh and Zion walk away from each other.Brody and Bradley are walking next to each other "so you going to go to Zion's place on saturday"maybe""well I think we are just going to the park but Im still going to go.You guys made it Bradley,Josh and Brody walk inside "what do you guys wont to do go to the park"ok at the park Josh and Bradley are on the swings talking while Zion and Brody are playing tag then Josh and Bradley join in then a man comes walking pass and talks to them  for a bit then he walks off without  saying goodbye then Josh and Bradley go down to the beach then the man comes back then Zion looks at the beach and Bradley and Josh aren't there then Zion goes down  with Brody then the man hits them and puts them in a van 


Then all of a sudden the four friends are on an island a weird looking island. The end 

                                      New series announcement 

I [Bradley wil be starting a new series by my self for now the series will be called survival it is about four friends get kidnapped and get put on a island that there names are Bradley,Zion,Josh and Brody.Also I will not be writing this series  by my self also Im sorry if I make some errors.


In room6 we have been doing reflections at the end of the day Mrs Bailey gets us to do more than four sentences.We have to explain what happen in our day and how we felt about it.

Today was the best day because in the middle block we helped room 10 with there speeches and we  helped them  to build their confidence up then it was lunch after lunch Mrs bailey got us to sing some tongan songs after then we did some art.[In my book this was six pages.