Thursday, 4 December 2014

The day I ran of

                                                                                                                                                       the day I ran off ...                    '' This is so boring'' I shout at my parents in anger '' shut your mouth nick don't use languge like that your little brothers listing '' ''sorry Mum''I was so angry I could't think about  anything but being angry we kept walking when suddenly we came across a two way path . Suddenly my Dad let go of my bothers pram and it went rolling down the wrong  path . I tripped over a root and I went tumbling down the other path I get up brush myself of and walk down the path . I had walked a when I realised I had taken the wrong path know I was really scared now . I kept causing myself about it .I knew were I was because we had walked it before but now I was walking alone .I was walking for what seemed like hours .I came to an intersection and I found my dad an dog ready to take my home . I will never forget the look on this face . we walked home and I was banned from electronics  my trust was lost and I went to bed with a hungry tummy.


On one summer day it was the start to a new year,month,week,day and life, not that I celebrate it or anything but it was my birth week I upgraded to a new level 6 years of a hard,tiring life well not that hard I was was just over excited that I upgraded.IT was my birth week I just felt happy and special like any other kid in the world but except with all the gifts but that didn't bother me.So I got up had a shower,got dressed,brushed my teeth and so and so on until...I walked into my lounge and saw with horror my own family sitting down not caring at all that it was my birth week.I said with nerves and anger "HELLO it my birth week!".My parents did nothing but said "cool have fun" I was like have fun where in my mind so I walked up to my aunties house with my sister and mum and guess what? THEY WERE NOT HOME! so we walked back I got a glass cup and smashed it on my dads head.I got a massive growling and in the end I shouldn't have done that.


When I was five years old.

When i was five my brother and I where playing outside.
We came inside and we started to tickle each other.
I made my brother pee his  pants.
On the floor  there was a big wet patch so he had to get changed but first he had a shower.
He got changed into his clothes and we watched tv, and then we went to bed.
In the morning he told me to wake up and have some breakfast so we could play later on my parents woke up and we made breakfast for them.
Then later on we went out to go to the movies we saw fast and farious.
 when it finished my brother and I had a race to the car he bet me.
When we got home my brother started to be mean so I got into a fight with my brother.
My parents got angry so they told us of in really angry way.

By christian mcneil 

Auckland athletics

On Thursday the 4th December we had the Auckland athletics at Mount Smart stadium. The first event of the day was the 1500m, The students that participated in this event were Hannah and I (Theane) I came first in my race, and Hannah came 16th. After the 1500 was the 200m heats, the students that participated in this event were Jorien and Chloe. Jorien came 4th in her heat and chloe came 2nd in her heat. Chloe was also in the 100m heats she came 4th. The 400m was next, the students that participated in this event were Brooke and Eden, Brooke came 4th and Eden 4th as well. Our year 7 girls and boys realy teams were next the boys team came last and our girls team came 4th. the 200m finals were next Chloe came 7th. After the 200m finals was the 800m staight final the students that participated in this event were Hannah Eden and I (Theane) I came 5th Hannah came 18th and Eden came 17th. Jorien and Zion did the long jump, Zion came 4th and Jorien came 5th. All together our school did really well. when the day had finnished we all went to McDonalds.

Auckland Champs Athletics

                                              Auckland Champs Athletics

On Thursday forth of December year 7 and 8's who made it into Auckland Champs went to Mt Smart Stadium for the biggest athletics event of all {for them} when we got there we found our seats and the kids who were in the 1500 meters. In the first event we had Theane and Hannah running, Theane came first in the 1500 and Hannah came 16th the next event was 200 meter heats we had Jorien and Chloe racing. Jorien came forth and Chloe came second. After the 200 meters we had 400 meters and Long Jump we had Zion doing long jump he jumped 4.55 meters and Brooke and Eden both came forth in 400 meters. 

Next we had 100 meter and we had Chloe running and she came forth.

After that we had the Relays in the year 7 girls we had Eden, Chloe, Katie and Jorien in the year 7 boys we has Me [Brody}Bj
Luke and Zion. We came last Sadly and the year 7 girls got third.

After a couple of hours we had more events and more people racing and overall it was a complete success. Thanks Mr Fourie for a great day  

When my brother was little, he wanted to help my Mum and Dad clean. My Mum and Dad were cleaning inside the house and Liam wanted to clean the garage. Liam got the hose and wet the inside and the outside of the garage. There were alot of good things in there like tools,some old useful thing, artwork and most of all our computer. My Dad was really mad but he seemed very nice and happy around  liam. our garage was so wet. i forgot how we dryed it out.i wonder if i had wet the garage what Dads reaction would have been like.

by Grace
When i got in trouble

One day this little boy I know was watching his favourite show on T.V. This boy loved the show he was watching but his Dad wanted to watch his show. His Dad changed the channel and this little boy got furious with him. He stomped his feet, punched the walls and did all sorts of naughty things. This little boys Dad told him off for being naughty, but the little boy wouldnt listen to his Dad. He kept on doing naughty things and his Dad told him off once more. The little boy ran outside crying. He ran all the way down the street. This boy was going to run away but there were prickles all over the grass so he went him and got shoes. I also got two dollars and went down to the bakery and got myself a little something from there which put me in a good mood. He then went home and apologised to his Dad.

The day I stole a lunch order

When I was about seven years old,I stole a lunch order from someone in my class this happened when I was at Hill Park.But we could only order mini pies and sausage rolls.So I got the lunch order that wasn't mine and then I went back to my table and started eating.Once I finished my teacher asked who didn't order today and I left my hand down then she said who did order today and I put my hand up then she came around and told us someone had stolen a lunch a, lunch order then no one confessed so our teacher forgot about it but she did buy the order for the child that didn't get his order so I didn't get in trouble.

Pots and pans

One sunny and warm day, a little boy named Dave was getting out of his cot. He could'nt wait for the day to commence, or in other words, he could'nt wait to harass his parents, Stella and Alex. So anyway, when everyone was wide awake and having breakfast, including his older brother Steve, Dave began his mayhem.

First he started to pull all of the cutlary out of all the cuboards. What a racket! Clang! Bang! Ting! Then he began to call Steve names and finally he began throwing toast at Alex. You can probably tell what happend next. Yes dear reader, he got sent straight into his room. Dave was about 3 1\5 so he got a bit annoyed when Stella locked him in his room.

In fact he was so annoyed that he started banging on his bedrooms door. When he knew it was pointless he sat down and played with his toys. After about half an hour Stella let Dave out of his room. When everyone was upstairs he went downstairs to the kitchen to see what he could do. He immediatly caught a glimpse of metal out of the corner of his eye. He turned around to see an open draw full of pots and pans.

Dave knew he'd get in trouble if he even touched them but he just loved pots and pans. The 3 1\5 year old just could'nt resist it and started playing with the pots and pans. Bang! Bang! Went the pots. Wam! Wam! Went the pans. The house was full of noise. Alex and Stella ran down the stairs and found Dave. They immediatly gave him a smack and locked him in his room again. "Oh well" Dave thought "it was bound to happen".       

Orua Bay


One beautiful summer morning at Orua Bay, my family and I went for a walk along the beach.I ran of down the beach front to the creek. By now I was running up the beach. Then I jumped into the freezing cold creek, and cut my toe on a shell that was hidden underneath the sand. suddenly I hopped out as quick as I could and saw red blood oozing out of my toe.

We ran back to our tent (well I hopped) and Mum cleaned the sand out of the cut, (Mum used to be a medic) and put a plaster on it, it was orange!! YUK!!! Not the plaster the stuff Mum cleaned my toe with. It stung really bad.

After, we went to the dairy to get some lollies, I got a selection of sweet and sour ones. My favourite was the sour coke bottles. We had to clean my cut every day for 1-2 weeks. 

Saw memories By Joshua

When I was still quite small, I was ready to go out with my family in the car. I open the door, then let go to grab my bag. As I look up, SLAM! The door closes, there is an awkward silence...
I burst into tears (of pain) looking at the water-blurred image of my finger, stuck between the door and the metal. My dad sprints towards me as my mum quickly opens the door, my finger like a pancake.
Staring at my 'dead' index finger, still in tears, my dad tries to calm me down. My crying slowly dies down, but my mum has had enough. She shoved me in a different room and slammed the door. Unfortunately, the door pinned my pinky.

I burst into tears (of more pain) looking at the water-blurred image of my finger,this time, stuck between the door and the wall. my mum comes back in and calms me down. When my crying stops, my mum apologises and we hug. (still in pain though...lots of pain...)


One sunny day around 2 pm my sister and I decided to do something stupid. When I mean stupid I mean stupid!So I went up to my sister and said to her 'go up to Mum and try to make a argument with her then try to cut yourself. So my sister went to my Mum and tried to get into a fight but after 15 minutes I got up on the window sill and she was just talking. So after that I walked in and tried to make a argument but for some reason Mum was just happy but I said to Katie to make a argument. So I went up to Mum and said you suck!! My Mum said go to your room. I went up to my room for 30 minutes then I came down then I got a piece of glass and tried to cut my finger. Then it did a clean cut on my finger. I went to my Dad and said 'I cut myself'. But he said 'why is it such a clean cut' and I said 'I dont know'. Then after that I ate a chocolate then went to bed.