Saturday, 20 September 2014

                            In Australia 

I have enjoyed this holiday because  we have done a lot of stuff like movie world and dream world but on Tuesday we went to harbour town for shopping and my brother spent all of his money I spent my money on new shoes and two new t-shirts one from jay jays and the other from Adidas and now I have $45 dollars left

By  Bradley

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I was playing on the field at school with some of my best friends when they disintegrated into thin air.Then it became darker and darker but I could still see the light.It looked like a small circle surrounded by darkness then I look up staring into a beam of light a stroke of fear runs through my spine I'm in a UFO.These weird things looked at me straight in the eye and said... nothing.They took me to this brightly coloured planet it looked kind of like earth except with giant mushroom shaped things as houses.I thought to myself where am I? then the alien spoke with a rather weird voice.He or she was wearing a tuxedo and was bald he or she said my name he or she said to me my name is loopsynaba and you are?I said who's asking?no one just me.I'm Zion, i said in a frightened voice, where are my friends when i was on earth they just disappeared into thin air i said in a concerned voice, there fine there just about to get here in a few seconds said loopsynaka.Here they are now,guys!!!!! your here!!!!! I've been abducted by aliens...

                End of part 1 of alien abduction...

by:Zion.p :)

Earth worm part 1

It was 22 all, score were tied up, rain fell like lightning and the crowd cheered like thunder. Until I had the ball I was running fast the crowd cheered low it got quieter and quieter until silence, everyone looked up as I still ran, I scored a try but still nothing happened I turned my back to shout at the reff but he was nowhere to be seen neither the crowd or anyone. Then I said to myself " Whats going on " then I felt myself streching out as long as an alligator and as tall as a girrafe. I kept on repeating myself over and over again " whats going on" " whats going on " then a frightful scream "Blepblopblap ".                                                                                                                                                                                  By Boston and Flynn

Flaffomani World (2)

                    Flaffomani World (2)

I get slammed to the ground with the K.O blow. The creature closes in on me, I commando crawl towards a deep hole that is filled with goop. I crawl in as the creature throws the hammer down leaving my shoes with a bit of dust. Crawling away in relief until I hear a big crumble behind me ( crumble crumble )… ( supposed to be sound affects )
A centipede like glop ball scuttles towards me, excitedly waiting to have lunch! So I scuttle like the centipede and we both have the same scuttling technique. There are two pathways ahead of me…Left or Right? The centipede is slowly moving to the right… " Left it is then!"
I turn left speedily, as the giant blob goes crashing into the right tunnel leaving a massive skid mark behind it. Hope I survive this game, (for once) I scuttle away into a big clearing with massive monuments with torches reaching for the sky. I stare in amazement at the creation that 'someone' had made… 
A monument falls down just nipping me by my shoe, what was that?

To Be Continued…

Joshua Knight