Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Tree of Doom

One evening, a tree, not quite the size of a bus, grew quietly in a little deserted paddock
near a small little village.All people in Crandarby were absolutely innocent. They lived in small little tents made of flax and wood.
Nearby, on the other side of the paddock, the mountains, the river and the caves was a big stone castle that the un-dead witch did own.

That witch is completely horrible, dis-honest

evil and hates, absolutely hates, trees...
Every tree she sees, she puts them on spells. So when she came to Crandarby and cursed that small little tree, it grew,grew and GREW until it was the size of 2 busses on top of each other. All of that was in the dark gloomy night, and the evil yellow glow in the night shines as innocent families  try to stay warm in their 'houses', the light brightened...
morning was ahead.

Screaming, crying, shouting, morning has come, families are in panic and the tree is rooting in and out of buildings. The village is in ruins, families are suffering.

"Take that you big fat tree!" yells a little 7 year...maybe 8 year old boy hitting the tree with a small wooden sword. The tree stopped, after glaring at the child that fighted for his family and beyond, then saw that the child didn't cry and the tree seemed to be smiling for once.Then in a slight second, the tree flashed bright yellow and re-appeared and smiled at the village.

Finally, the tree talked, it said "sorry for the big tantrum..heh heh..."
After the tree finished its speech, it helped rebuild a better village with stone, tiles and carpet. The village of Crandarby was saved.
The tree was now the known as the'Guardian Of


By Joshua Knight

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  1. Nice story Josh you have a really good imagination keep writing more please.

    From GABE