Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Zombie war part 2

We were soon out of the building and running around the battle field turning the zombies back into humans who ran back home and hid. But it was not too long before we found the thing that caused the zombie disease, a ginormus plant creature of some sort, like a razor sharp flower on a leafy body covered in poisonous spores. As soon as it saw us it fired hard, sharp leaves every where resulting in mini pants (that did'nt move) to spawn. The mother beast was already going to go full power so we decided to do the same! We got out our machine guns and fired. The mini plants saw that their mother was being hurt so they joined in the fight firing mini needles towards us. Luckily we managed to dodge those tiny needles and end the minis. Now it was just the mother left. We decided to get out the grenades and throw them into the plants mouth. We kept trying and trying but each time we threw a grenade at the mothers mouth it closed which made the grenades bounce off the plant. But when the final grenade was thrown it landed right inside the monsters mouth and the last thing heard by everyone that day was  BOOM! The next day there was a party held at my house to celebrate the conkering of the zombies. So hopefully that is the end ... or is it??????

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