Monday, 24 February 2014

Character Descirption

My character has long brown hair that is always in a plait.Her eyes are hazel brown and she wears a navy blue school uniform,or a light blue dress on weekends.
She used to live in poland until WW2 then moved to New Zealand with hundreds of other polish children.She went to a polish camp in Pahiatua.

She lived there until she and 3 other girls moved off to a boarding school in timaru,there she worhed as a kitchen maid and a student ,she worked hard but was tormented for being polish. She moved out when she turned 15 and rented a room in a widows house.

She earned her money working at a ticket booth selling train tickets.There she met many people and the regular customers would sometimes just come for a chat.
After a few months she got a letter from her former polish teacher asking her to move to the hostle for polish girls.
my character moved from the house tho the hostle and lived there for the rest of her time.


By Theane'                      

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