Monday, 24 February 2014

Character Description!

My character is a blue eyed, blonde haired 14 year old boy.
 He's quite tall and strong, and loves to play soccer as well as going surfing with his friends.
 At the moment he's in a very depressing part of his life because at the age of 2 his mother and father died in a plane crash, so his uncle took care of him until he was shot two weeks before by an assassin on his way home from a mission in cornwall.

He is now an agent for M16,{He has also worked for the CIA and SAS} and is now being taken care of by Jack Star-bright their former house-keeper.
 He's been in one movie and the book/series is written by famous author Anthony Horowitz.
{The series names are Point Blanc, Scorpia, Scorpia Rising, Eagle Strike, Crocodile Tears Etc}

He lives in Miami , in an apartment near the beach.
He's an expert in diving, Karate, Tae Kwan doe, running, swimming, diving and parachuting.
He's as fit as you will ever get a 14 year old boy.
MY CHARACTER IS . . . . . . 
Alex Rider!

By Jorien!!!

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  1. I know you just love your Alex Rider books Jorien, keep on reading:)