Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Once upon a time there was a game that lived in a country.The game was called…soccer.This sport was massive in this country people lived for it.But all this changed when a man called BoB came and spoke of the soccer clones that will give guarenteed results for the fans.         

In their first game they smoked the opposition.The great players Ronaldo,Messi ,Newmar,Ramos,Ineista and co lost the game      5-0.After the game the players lost confidence  in them and disappeared.But the clones kept playing their games the clones are undefeated.

One man who was on the management side of soccer was tired of this.He walked into a small bar and saw a commercial for clone Lebrun James.And decided he was going to find the originals.He started with Cristiano Ronaldo who was now a model for a sports shop.

He kidnapped him and went to find the rest of them.Messi was working for a hair company Newmar and David Luis were barbers, Ineista was in the country and Howard,Ramos,Ribery    ,Pique,Gerrad and Evra. When they arrived at the base The players did not know what to do.

The manager arrived the players asked what they were doing "we are here to make a stand".The manager walked them around and showed them the origins of soccer.At the end the manager showed them their kits they wear.

Then the players put them on and challenged the clones to a game first goal wins.This was the biggest game in soccer history.The teams arrived and the game kicked off.Messi passed to Ribery and he skipped past two defenders.

He put it through to Gerrard who chipped it through for Messi to volley! it's going into the top post but the keeper saves it now the clones make a break down the line pass in the middle slips through to the striker and Howard trips him up Evra runs the ball rolls through!

But vera chips it back and passes to Ramos who Rainbows it.Now he passes to Ineista who beats the defenders now only the keeper remains 45 meters out and a whole army of clones come A pass to Neymar who steps them all and now passes to Ronaldo who skips past them.

Jumps over the keeper stops the ball and scores!.The all stars have won and the clones are defeated.

The end


  1. Wow! What a great story Tyrone - full of sporting terminonlogy and plenty of sporting stars as well! I can't believe Winston Reid didn't make the cut for your story!! Hope to see you showing off some of those soccer skills on the field on Saturday! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Ka pai tama. Keep writing, there aren't very many dramatic sports writers out there. Could be lots of opportunities for you!