Monday, 1 September 2014

survival by Bradley

                                                  The beginning 

"What you doing this weekend""nothing much"" well we can play at my house on saturday""ok" see you saturday Josh and Zion walk away from each other.Brody and Bradley are walking next to each other "so you going to go to Zion's place on saturday"maybe""well I think we are just going to the park but Im still going to go.You guys made it Bradley,Josh and Brody walk inside "what do you guys wont to do go to the park"ok at the park Josh and Bradley are on the swings talking while Zion and Brody are playing tag then Josh and Bradley join in then a man comes walking pass and talks to them  for a bit then he walks off without  saying goodbye then Josh and Bradley go down to the beach then the man comes back then Zion looks at the beach and Bradley and Josh aren't there then Zion goes down  with Brody then the man hits them and puts them in a van 


Then all of a sudden the four friends are on an island a weird looking island. The end 

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