Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My weekend

On friday the 14th of november 2014 my family and i thought that we would go up north to go pick up my nanny for her opointment until...(ring ring ring)"hello" it was my nanny.We talked for about 3 minutes after she said"can i please talk to mum" i replied                                    "sure" so i went and gave it to mum and tried to listen but mum shut me out.After awhile mum told me were not going anymore,I thought to myself and sighed she always does this so we unpacked our bags unpacked the car and sat back on the couches and relaxed while i was on the laptop my sister was on her phone and my mum was watching t.v my brother was on my mums phone my cat Ruby snuck in and started examning the house until she started CLAWINNG ON THE COUCH!!!.My mum didnt know (luckily) but i knew and saw so i opened the door and gave her some cat food because whenever she was hungry she will always sneak inside and meow or start gettingn annoying my mum and dad said i was over feeding her i thought they were lying nut it was to good to be true.Later on that day we went to the park for my brother to get freash air.Meanwhile we started setting the table for dinner and as soon as we got it all ready my dad made it home and just in time to and then we all went to bed but secretly i stayed up and played my game then went to bed.The next day we were going out so we all had our showers, tried to find our clothes, got dressed, had breakfast,brushed our theeth and left  at 10:30am.As ussal we got there in about 10 minutes and went shopping.A few hours later we brought some clothes and stuff and went to the beach to have lunch.we had fish and chips for lunch and looked for crabs on the beach under rocks.After we went home and did some chores then went out side the back and set up the volley ball net and had one game unfortunitly it got stuck on the roof so we waited in side and heard a something that went AHHH!! but as always it was our next door neighbours  playing games until 9:30 so i went and slept in the lounge until the very last.On sunday the very last day of the weekend we just chilled out at the house until we heard that my aunty was going to hawaii for a vacation but i was worried about the lava but they were only staying their for a week and then they were heading out to america for a meeting with someone she knew a long time ago we didn't get to see the family and her leave but we all had a catch up at her house though then we just chilled out and did the same as the last two days but instead we played scrabble(a board game) and went to bed for another day new day of school.

By:lennox :p

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