Tuesday, 18 November 2014

what i did at whitianga

On monday the 10th november 2014 i went to whitianga.when me, my dad, and my mum, all went to whitianga,the car ride is 2 hours long but once you get there its fine.At whitianga we have a house at the water ways and we have a2 storied boat and a pontoon that I jump off into the water.

At whitianga I had to go to mataringi because my dad had to build a fence so my dog leroy couldn't get out, my sister lives at mataringi because she works at whitianga, witianga is only 20 minutes away.  after my dad built the fence he had to go to work, so me and my mum and sister stayed at mataringi. 

At mataringi my mum cleaned the house and my sister and I played xbox. when i got board of xbox i did some of my home work AND I ACHUALY FINISHED MY HOMEWORK!! after my homework my dad picked my mum and i up and we went back to whitianga. 

The next day I went out shopping in town, i went to paper plus and got a jacqueline wilson book called diamond its about this poor girl named alan jane her father hated her because when she was born her mother died and her father blamed alan jane for it so he sold her to a circus man and she became a performer and yeah.

 then we went to a cafe called taste and i got chips. After lunch we went to sunnies, sunnies is like a 2 dollar shop but better. After sunnies we went to the wear house  and i bought some cloths, Then we went home. 

The next day we went back to auckland and we went and saw my cousins new baby named ruby anne and i got to hold her, i also got to hold my other cousins baby boy named Liam and i got to feed him HE IS SO CUTE!! Then i went back to school

By lily :) 

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