Tuesday, 18 November 2014


recount of the weekend

Saturday: I went to a party at Chimpmunks and stayed there till
9:00AM and had dinner there, hotdogs, pizza and this M&M Cake for desert.
YUM!!! (But there was none left for me) it was so awesome at Chimpmunks it had eight HUGE cannons and big buckets of balls right next to them for us too fire at people with other cannons and it was hard because of the teenagers that were there.(Weird.)

Sunday:8:00 in the morning I had to get out in the freezing cold and put out signs with my dad because of his Job he does as a real estate agent. We got home and I had a haircut and two showers after that I went to my friends house for a swim and went back home after that just to go to my cousins house in Albany and stayed there for dinner and arrived home at 9:45.(And it was school tomorrow.)         

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