Thursday, 11 September 2014

the big pear part 1

       The big pear               Well it all started when..boom.I woke up unaware of my surroundings.As I rub my head I walk around to a door it automatically goes down.I walk outside all of a sudden i'm on a sidewalk in what appears to be a big city with weird things driving cars and walking around and going into places.Then a taxi pulls up and the driver says hop "hop in".                                                                     I asked him where I am he said "we are in the big pear".I'm sorry come again I said "the big pear population 77 million planet wide 13 million in the city alone".Then we pulled over I hopped out and saw Mazhar and said "hi Mazhar".                                     Mazhar started speaking chinese then we saw buskers and we went to see them.There was a rapper,strong guy,narrator dude and a smart guy.we talked to them and they said Mazhar was a robot the aliens saw and captured all my friends.I said if they help me get them out of captivity then we will take them to Earth in new york to live.                                   We went through a alleyway and entered a dark building.

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  1. I like the start of your story Tyrone - very "captivating"! and you use some interesting vocab to keep me interested too!! The teacher voice in me says "you need to work on your spelling! and punctuation!" :)