Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Baby cousins first birthday - bye Jayde


On January the ninth I went to my cousins house for her first birthday . When we got there no one  was there  so my dad ,brother and I waited for a little bit until they came back from the pools . After five minutes they were back . 

Once they were out of the car they said ''come in '',My cousins zoomed home because they recognised   my dads text .Once we were in the house , my brother and I gave our presents to my cousins.I gave her a stuffed cow  and she loved it, because she is only one year old.

Afterwards we stayed for a little bit and my dad , brother and I heard her talk and we also saw her walking. What a clever girl.

what a fun day . Cant wait until her birthday party on sunday 16 march.

bye Jayde.

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