Thursday, 4 December 2014


One sunny day around 2 pm my sister and I decided to do something stupid. When I mean stupid I mean stupid!So I went up to my sister and said to her 'go up to Mum and try to make a argument with her then try to cut yourself. So my sister went to my Mum and tried to get into a fight but after 15 minutes I got up on the window sill and she was just talking. So after that I walked in and tried to make a argument but for some reason Mum was just happy but I said to Katie to make a argument. So I went up to Mum and said you suck!! My Mum said go to your room. I went up to my room for 30 minutes then I came down then I got a piece of glass and tried to cut my finger. Then it did a clean cut on my finger. I went to my Dad and said 'I cut myself'. But he said 'why is it such a clean cut' and I said 'I dont know'. Then after that I ate a chocolate then went to bed.

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